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December 2009

By Barbara Newman:


Although Cleveland was not friendly to the Steelers on Thursday, Lori and Ben Ritchey, Sue Wray and I, along with 4 dogs, set out for Cleveland at 5:00 a.m. Friday morning.  It was a rainy trip but the travel was uneventful.


We arrived at the Cleveland IX Center and learned Ring 4 was our home for the next 3 days and was at the furthest point from our entry, literally about a half mile away.  We schlepped wet dogs, chairs, crates, dog and people drinks and treats, etc. to Ring 4.


I was first in the ring every day with a 9:00 a.m. walkthrough.  For those who want a “cliff notes” version of the weekend and the results:  Paula Shimko arrived Saturday with Shane for her first show ever.  They qualified for 2 legs of Rally Novice taking second place on Sunday.  Ben and Casey got Reserve Winners Dog in the conformation ring both days.  Lori and Frances attained a new Rally Novice title qualifying all 3 days.  A Rally Novice title plus one leg of Rally Advanced were attained by Sue and Heidi and , last but not least, my Sterling is now RE-Rally Excellent!  Honorary club member, Cookie, came back from Cleveland with a new Confirmation Champion!  Toni, our ever supportive President, was there to root us on all weekend.  We still hate the Browns but Cleveland treated us well.


Keystone Canine Club has sure moved forward in our development as a fully rounded club.  I am proud to be associated with all who during 2009 attained titles and qualifications in all venues of dog sports from teacup, to earth dog, conformation, obedience, rally, agility, field work and just the outright uncensored love of our 4 legged partners.


Paula Shimko

Lori Ritchey, Sue Wray & Barbara Newman

Ben Ritchey



November 2009


From Ed Hanke:Appearing in the latest issue of Hunting Retriever UKC Oct/Nov 2009, the official publication of the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc., an international organization "conceived by hunters for hunters shows our own Ed Hanke and his hunting retriever Boykin Spaniel "Sarah" as they contest in Started Hunter Retriever. (Picture on right.)


From Dee Farrell: On 10/31-11/1 Pebbles and I had a fun weekend in Washingtonville, Ohio, at the Four Seasons CPE Agility Trial.  Pebbles earned three Qs in Level 1 Games with a 1st, 2nd, and 4th place finish!


From Denise Letterman: Caesar, Troy, and Hector participated in the October 31 and November 1 CPE agility trials in Washingtonville, Ohio.  This was Caesar's first agility trial so I only entered him in 4 events to see how he would do.  He Q'ed in all 4 runs with three 2nd place and one 4th place wins.  Troy participated in all 8 events and earned three 1st place, three 2nd place, one 3rd place, and one 6th place wins.  He earned his fourth straight perfect weekend ribbon.  Troy also completed his CL3-F title.  Hector participated in all 8 events and earned five 1st place and two 2nd place wins.  Unfortunately the gamble in jackpot prevented Hector from earning his fourth straight perfect weekend ribbon.  So, if you are counting, that was 19 Q's in 20 runs.  I am so proud of my boys. 


From Rose Nicotra: My dog Kit Kat just received her Novice Agility and Novice Jumpers titles in the mail.  Hooray for her.



October 2009


Lisa Paciorek is proud to announce that... Ellie, whose official name is “Her Majesty Queen Alice”,  earned her last leg needed for her RN at the Golden triangle show Oct 11, 2009.


From Dee Farrell:  AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy to announce that on September 20, 2009, my Pebbles finally earned her AKC Novice Standard Agility title!  It happened at the National Shiba Club of America AKC Agility Trial in Edinboro, PA.  This has been quite a journey for the two of us, but we have reached our goal.  I am grateful to all of our Keystone instructors and friends for their encouragement and support through the years, and I appreciate so much all the kind words of congratulations we have received.


From Barb Newman: Sterling attained the title of CD in Obedience at the Delmont trial. She placed 2nd on Saturday and 4th for her title on Sunday. Additionally, Sterling and Toby performed in Rally Pairs and scored a 293 out of 200. We did extremely well but I would also like to acknowledge the Keystones’ reputation as a leader in all venues advanced substantially that weekend. I believe we had a minimum of 8 members participate and I believe all attained at least one qualifying score. My hats off to all and Sterling offers  “A BIG SHELTY BARK!”


From  Joanne Kerfonta: Corey Edward Kerfonta  (AKA to most of us ) as  "Corey" passed his CGC/TDI test on    9-26-09 @ Golden Triangle Training Club.  


From Pam Lewis: Pam Lewis and Icey finished in 1st place in their JWW class at the Samoyed National Specialty Agility Trial.  And Icey and Crystal finished in 3rd place in the Novice Rally Pairs competition.


From Kristen Johnson: Rosy and I were thrilled to receive our AKC open jumpers title at the Neville Island agility trial on September 13, 2009.  Special thanks to our agility instructors, Pete and Shelley, and to all our agility friends for their support.  We couldn't have done it without you!!


From Clare Schmalz:  Russell (Westie) has gotten his Rally Novice Title at the Westmoreland trials this September.  


From Brad & Stephanie Barber: Our 20-month-old rough sable, Lily Rose, (Tartanside Cadence) took Winners' Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed at the Beaver show on Sunday, 10/4/09. 



September 2009


Congratulation to Lucy McCloskey and Toby




On September 25th, 2009, Toby earned his Ralley AE Title



Congratulations to Shelly Wolf and MACH RUBY!!!



Ruby and Shelley earned their agility MACH title on

Sunday, September 13 at the Neville Island trial.

Shelley has earned a reputation as an outstanding instructor, and her MACH was richly deserved.



From Lori Ritchey: We have a new family member, a Jack Russell Terrier named “Gernie”.  No need to tell me “I’m nuts”…I know that already but he is soooo cute!


From Dee Farrell: Pebbles and I spent most of our August weekends traveling to and from Washingtonville, Ohio, for various agility trials.  At her first CPE trial on August 8, Pebbles earned her first Q in Standard Level 1 with a second-place finish!  We have no progress to report from the AKC trial on August 15-16.  However, at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center TDAA trial on August 22-23, Pebbles earned three Qs, two titles, and eight ribbons!  On August 22 she earned her TG1 (Teacup Games I) title, and on August 23 she earned her TBAD (Teacup Beginner Agile Dog) title.  We returned home tired but happy!


From Denise Letterman: At the Golden Triangle/Westmoreland Labor Day agility trials held in Cheswick, Vista Dei Hector of Troy RA, MX, MXJ, CL2-S, CL3-H, CL3-F, CL3-R, CGC, "Hector", qualified in 7 of 8 agility runs over 4 days.  He earned 3 QQ's and 81 MACH points giving him a total of 12 QQ's and 287 MACH points.  I am so proud of my little boy.  'Mom' now has 3 days to recover before our next agility trial.


From Stephanie Barber: My Lily Rose, a sable rough collie of 18 months, took a reserve winners bitch at St. Clairsville.  She also took Best Puppy in Sweeps at the Collie Club of Western Pennsylvania Puppy match.


From Tom and Phyllis Bandi: Tom Bandi and Tiffany had a great weekend at the Washingtonville, OH Teacup Agility Trials. Tiffany got her TDAA Intermediate Standard Title, as well as her TDAA Intermediate Games Title. For a ten-year-old dog, Tiffany proved she could still run when she wants to. This may be as far as she can go, but we are so proud of her and her agility runs over the weekend.  


From Linda Dragoo: Jazz earned her NAJ with 3 first place runs.  Yippee!!


From Mark and Marsha Bookman: Our Havanese, Lucy, got her AKC Novice Standard Agility Title in Washingtonville a couple of weeks back and then her AKC Open JWW Agility Title at Cheswick over Labor Day.  We’re very proud of her. 


From Emil and Barb Pohodich: At the Teacup Agility trial in Washingtonville Ohio Aug 22-23, Lexi received her standard beginner title and her games 1 title. Sadie received her standard beginner title and her games 2 title. We had a good time with our friends from Keystone and are proud of our dogs’ accomplishments.



August 2009


Denise Letterman tells us that... During the August 8th and 9th CPE agility trials held in Washingtonville, OH, Vista Dei Hector of Troy RA, AX, MXJ, CL2-S, CL3-H, CL3-F, CL3-R, CGC, "Hector", earned eight 1st place wins out of eight events in the 8" jump category.  In doing so, he earned his CL3-H title and received a Perfect Weekend Ribbon.  At the same agility trials, Homespun Steel City Dream, RA, AX, AXJ, CL2-S, CL3-H, CL2-F, CL3-R, CGC, "Troy", earned five 1st place wins and three 2nd place wins out of eight events in the 12" jump category.  Troy also earned his CL3-H title and received a Perfect Weekend Ribbon. 



Lori Miller is proud to announce that... Sadie earned her Junior Earthdog Title on Sunday, August 16th.  The test, hosted by the Western PA Earthdog Club, was held at Woodside in Champion, PA.  This was Sadie's first test, and she earned both legs of the Junior Title during this weekend.  She had beautiful performances both days!  It took her a mere 13 seconds to quarry, 1 second to work, and she finished with an easy 60+ seconds of working that rat!

"Rats *FEAR* me!" 


From Emil and Barb Pohodich: Sadie and Lexi received their Therapy dog title TDIEVA for 350 visits.

From Denise Letterman: At the Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever AKC agility trials held July 17, 18, and 19 in Cheswick, Vista Dei Hector of Troy, RA, AX, MXJ, CL3-R, CL3-F, CL2-H, CL2-S, CGC "Hector" earned his MXJ title.  He took two 4th place wins in Standard over the weekend and 2 QQ's giving him a total of 7 towards his MACH.  He also accumulated 41 additional MACH points for a total of 167.  He now has 9 of 10 Q's toward his MX title and if I can keep my knee healthy hopefully we can earn that title in August.  

From Lori Ritchey:  Two of Frances’ puppies, Rufio, and Gia, won big in the confirmation ring at the Canfield Ohio show August 1st and 2nd.  Rufio won 1st place, and Winners Dog both days for a 3 point major Saturday and 2 additional championship points on Sunday.  Gia won 1st place, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex both days for a 3 point major on Saturday and 2 additional championship points on Sunday.  Ben Ritchey handled Gia in the ring both days. Frances is very proud of her puppies and I, of course, am very proud of my “puppy”, Ben!

From Lisa Paciorek: Lisa Paciorek’s Ellie whose official name is “Her Majesty Queen Alice” recently earned her last leg needed for her CD title.  She had a score of 186 at Columbiana County Kennel Club on Friday July 31 in which she earned 4th place in novice B class.

From Clara Marie Schmalz: My West Highland White Terrier,  Russell, passed his CGC and his TDI test on Saturday, August 1st at the Beaver County Kennel Club show.   

July 2009


Harley's Novice TitleFrom Rod Sabatini: Great News! "Harley Darlin" now has her Obedience, Novice A, CD title.   She took 2nd Place at the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club on Sunday June 7. After a year of competitions, a few failures and a few lost dollars, we did it.  She performed nicely as usual, with a little lag off leash, earning her usual 187.5 score.  Best of all, I didn't screw up this time!  You would think that after all this time I would know better.  Our last outing in Saxonburg just goes to show that even handlers make errors.  I was the one who earned the NQ! Who knew you shouldn't call your dog twice during a recall? Now it's onto training for Open Class, and a lot more hard, concentrated work.  And plenty of off leash work.  Those lost points (9) would have been her third blue ribbon.  (Picture on right.)


From Terri Chaser: Mackenzie recently earned her AX (Excellent A Standard) and AXJ (Excellent A JWW) titles. Now we start our MACH journey. Continued thanks to our dedicated, talented agility instructors who help us achieve so much.


From Ed Hanke: The first week in June marked the beginning of our foray into the realm of Hunter Retriever competition.  For someone who has long ago given up walking in the woods and trying to flush local game.  There just isn't the numbers of birds like there was forty years ago.  I still like to see a good dog work a scent trail or retrieve over and through obstacles so this kind of competition fit right in.  The first weekend in June found Ms Sarah and I excitedly awaiting the cry of "dog to the line" which is the notification by the judge that the competition was about to begin.  We settled onto the seat with the "gunner" on our left.  After a few spastic blasts on the duck call I was answered by the same from a blind at the crest of the hill and the quick release from the winger, a giant sling shot that propels the already dead farm raised ducks out onto the field where the dog marks and is then sent after the bird for the retrieve to hand.  One bird to the right and a second one from the left behind me, after the requisite toots on the duck call of course.


The afternoon consisted of two water retrieves from a small farm pond.  This time the birds were "thrown" from the same location on the shore and the dogs took positions at different angles to the casts.  Four birds, four retrieves and Ms Sarah had her first leg toward Started Hunter Retriever.  That evening at the dinner we received a big rosette for her accomplishment.  Only three more and she will be SHR to go along with all the other titles she has been collecting.  In April she passed Temperament Testing and is one of two Boykins to do so thus far.  In the month of May we were able to garner the title of Therapy Dog International Active Outstanding Volunteer for our work at the local retirement homes and the Veterans Hospitals and all this before three years of age. Have to get me one of those bumper stickers that says "my dog is smarter than your honor student".


From Sterling Newman: Well, Barbara, thought she was ready for competition so she registered us to compete in Waynesburg - two days of Rally and one in Obedience. On Friday, despite thunder, we did place second in Advanced Rally A. This set us up for a title on Sunday. It was early Sunday morning but she did get a title in Rally Advanced. We then waited around for Obedience. I played with my leash in the ring to fend off boredom. In spite of leash play, well, we succeeded with a second place. She has success, her first leg in Obedience Novice A. Now I know it is tough to teach an old "human" new tricks, but if she could only get the agility stuff down. I do pronounce her trainable.


From Stephanie Barber: My 14-1/2 month old collie puppy bitch Lily Rose got her CGC and TDI title at Keystone on May 16, 2009.


From Pam Lewis: Pam and Crystal received their Therapy Dogs International (TDI) certification.


June 2009


From Barbara Newman:  Sterling led me to achieve a NOVICE A RALLY title and followed it up with second place and her first leg in her Rally ADVANCED A title at the most recent show in New Castle. She has indicated that I am improving and there is reason to believe I will achieve. 


From Lori Miller:  In May, Howie and Sadie participated in the Paws for Life Relay held in South Park.  That event allowed them both to complete their Community Service Badge requirements for Dog Scouts of America.  They have a combined total of $2,561.00 in fundraising dollars and over 80 hours of community service for the last two years.

For Memorial Day Weekend, Sadie and I traveled to St. Helen, Michigan for Dog Scouts Camp.  While at camp, Sadie earned all five Agility Badges and a Hiking Badge.  For the Hiking Badge, she needed to hike 6 miles with me off-leash and perform an off-leash leave-it with wildlife.  (No easy task for a terrier!)


May 2009


From Barbara Newman: Sterling placed 4th and got her second leg in Novice Rally.


From Dee Farrell:   Pebbles and I enjoyed our first two TDAA trials!  Pebbles earned two Qs and a 3rd place in Games I at KCTC's trial on March 20-21 and one Q and a 2nd place in Standard Beginner at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center in Washingtonville, Ohio, on April 11.


From Lori Ritchey: The Spinone Club of America held their National Specialty show this year at Rend Lake Resort in Illinois the weekend of April 25th and 26th 2009.  We had a wonderful time and the place is absolutely beautiful if you ever get a chance to go there.  Casey put on a entertaining show in the Rally Advanced ring putting his head through the ring gates and making funny “Spinone noises” at the crowd, eventually getting bored and slowly and casually leaving the ring without looking back at the judge or I.  Needless to say we NQ’d.  Ben, on the other hand, had better luck with Casey taking a 1st place in Open Dog and then going on to win Reserve Winners Dog for a nice Rosette.  He also won Best Junior Handler with Frances and was presented with another Rosette and a special trophy at the awards dinner.




MARCH 2008




At the AKC Dog Show held in Pittsburgh on March 28 and March 29, Keystone Canine Training Club members were everywhere.



We had six members entered on Saturday and all qualified and /or placed.  We are especially proud of our novice rally group.  They really proved that KCTC can do it all.


Pam Lewis and Crystal 

First Place

Denise Graham and Zoe Third Place
Lori Ritchie and Casey Fourth Place
Carole Hodes and Mazik Qualified


Sunday seems to be a repeat of Saturday except that there were more members attending the trial.


Toni Yurkovic and Fox   Fourth Place Excellent A
Denise Letterman and Hector First Place Advanced A
Lucy McCloskey and Toby  First leg in the team effort to earn an RAE Title


And then the novice group


Pam Lewis and Crystal 

First Place and a Novice A Title

 Denise Graham and Zoe Second Place
Lori Ritchie and Casey Qualified
Carole Hodes and Mazik  Qualified



Rod Sabatini and Harley earned their second leg in Novice Obedience and First Place Blue Ribbon.




On Saturday, Ben Ritchie won 1st Place in Open Dog and took the Winners Dog placement for a 3 point major (with Casey)


On Sunday, Ben Ritchie won 1st Place in 12-18 Month Puppy Bitch, Winners Bitch, and Best of Opposite Sex with one of the Ritchie pups named Gia.


Everyone had a great time cheering each other on.  What a show for Keystone.

Congratulations to all who entered!