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Brags from 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012


December 2010


Congratulations on Denise wiKeystone Canine Clubth her MASTER AGILITY CHAMPION

& All Here 2010 Titles !!!!!



2010 agility: Troy, Caesar, and Hector pictured with all their placement ribbons, Q ribbons, and title ribbons for AKC and CPE along with Hector's MACH that was earned in 2010. 2010 agility title ribbons:  Hector, Caesar, and Troy with all title ribbons from AKC including Hector's MACH as well as the perfect weekend ribbons from CPE.
2010 agility Master Titles:  Pontifex Maximus J. Caesar, "Caesar", CD, RAE, MJP, AXP, CL3-F, CL3-R, CL3-H, CL3-S, CGC; Earned his Master Jumpers Preferred Title at the Youngstown All Breed Training Center Agility Trial held in Washingtonville, OH on December 3rd.  Homespun Steel City Dream, "Troy", RA, AX, AXJ, MJP, MXP, CL4-H, CL4-F, CL4-R, CL4-S, CGC; Earned his Master Jumpers Preferred Title at the Youngstown All Breed Training Center Agility Trial held in Washingtonville, OH on December 3th and his Master Standard Preferred Title at the same trial on December 4th. 2010 agility accomplishments:  MACH Vista Dei Hector of Troy, "Hector", RA, CL4-H, CL4-R, CL4-F, CL4-S, CGC; Earned at the Youngstown All Breed Training Center Agility Trial held in Washingtonville on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  The MACH was earned December 5th.

From Elaine Kelvington:  Sawyer aka CH Kelvington's Talisman   CDX  RE AX  AXJ OF HT CGC TDI VCX   qualified at the Youngstown All Breed Training Club's agility trial today   (Dec. 4, 2010) to get his 6th  Master's leg in JWW.   That puts him at 6 legs both in jww and in standard towards his Masters agility titles. 

From Joanne Schreiber:  Skye recently earned her Teacup Games 1 title (TG1) at the Keystone Teacup Agility Trial. Skye is also a certified therapy dog and has completed over 80 therapy visits

From Bonnie McKeown: Ian and Aiden got their first leg in Novice A in Rally on 10/2/10.  Also Ian got fourth place in Novice A in Rally.  This happened at the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club, Inc. Rally Trial at Delmont, PA

From Pam Lewis: Icey earned her 5th Masters title in Preferred Jumpers with Weaves.  Icey is now over 12 years old, and luckily is still healthy, active, and loves agility!

Lisa Paciorek: Ellie (Her Majesty Queen Alice CDX RN) earned her Graduate Novice Title (GN) today November 20, 2010) at Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club, Inc. Not only that she earned 1st place with a score of 194 1\2. We worked so very hard for it and I know she very well deserved it. (Picture on Right)

From Dee Farrell: November was a busy month for us, with agility trials for three weekends in a row.  Pebbles and Pixie were determined to keep each to a one-Q weekend, but I am pleased with each and every one of their accomplishments.  On November 7, Pebbles earned a 2nd-place Q in Level 2 Snooker at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center CPE trial.  On November 13, Pixie earned a 1st-place Q in Beginner Standard and completed her TBAD title at the Splash 'n Dash TDAA trial.  At the same trial on November 14, Pebbles earned a 3rd-place Q in Games III.  On November 20, Pebbles earned her first Q in her first attempt at Novice Preferred FAST at the Mountaineer Kennel Club AKC trial; and she had a 1st-place finish.  It has been an amazing agility year for us, and it has been a pleasure and a privilege for me to compete on both Team Pebbles and Team Pixie this year.

From the Donovans:  The Donovan dogs went to the Dog Scout Texas Mini Camp Nov 4-7 and earned a total of eleven badges.  Gyp earned Carting and Search and Rescue, Faith earned Art of Shaping (painting) and Search and Rescue, Sadie earned four agility badges, Art of Shaping, Backpacking and Manners.  Fiona learned to swim and will get her Puppy Paddlers badge once she completes the requirements of the Dog Scout Badge (similar to CGC).  Sadie's painting won the people's choice award and she earned more badges than any other dog at camp.  For more information about Dog Scouts go to their website www.dogscouts.org .

Lucy McCloseky: Well this will be the last brag for Sonny in 2010.  He has had a great half a year at trials.  This past Thanksgiving Day weekend we attended 2 days, 5 trials and 2 runs per trial at Washingtonville, OH doing APDT Rally.  Sonny qualified in all 10 runs, earned multiple placements and three more titles, which are RLX1, RLX2 and his second championship title ARCHX.  It is now time for Sonny to enjoy the Holidays and to get some well deserved rest.


November 2010 


From Ed Hanke: Who's that doggie in the window? (Picture on right)
Keystone's own Ms. Sarah Wiggle Butt showed up on the small screen October 30th on the Animal Planet, Dogs 101, season 3.  If you missed her debut, check your TV guide for reruns to see the results of her trip into New York City for the screening.

From Elaine Kelvington:  On October 22 at the Parkersburg OTC agility trial Sawyer aka CH Kelvington's Talisman CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, NF, HT, VCX, TDI, CGC got his 2nd leg in Open Fast Agility with a 1st place. On October 23 at the Parkersburg OTC agility trial   Sawyer got his third and final leg to finish his Open Fast Agility title with a 2nd place.

Also from Elaine Kelvington: Solomon, aka  CH Kelvington's Once 'N A Blue Moon HT qualified at the October 29th Youngstown

From Bonnie McKeown: Ian and Aiden got their first leg in Novice A in Rally on 10/2/10.  Also Ian got fourth place in Novice A in Rally.  This happened at the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club, Inc. Rally Trial at Delmont, PA. 

From Dee Farrell:  At the TDAA trial on October 9 and 10, Pebbles earned two Qs in Games III with a first-place and a third-place finish; and Pixie earned two Qs in Beginner Standard and one Q in Games II, all with first-place finishes!  Kudos to KCTC for hosting such a great trial!

From Pam Lewis: Critique's Magical Crystal ( Crystal) earned her Novice Standard Preferred title at the Samoyed National in Pigeon Forge, TN the last week of October. She took first place. Crystal also placed 4th in Excellent Rally to get her second leg.
From Barbara Newman:  Sterling completed her Rally Advanced Excellent Title at the Delmont trial. For anyone who has not competed in Rally, this is the highest title and requires the dog and handler to receive a qualifying score in the same day in both Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent on 10 different days.  Additionally, to stay active (while I improve in Agility), we competed in Beginner Novice Obedience and again qualified.  Beginner Novice Obedience is a new title. (Picture on right)

From Terry Younkins: Strongbow Eli's Coming (Eli) finished his title for Beginner Novice at the Golden Triangle Trial, October 16, 2010.


From Rita & Wayne Slepcevich: We are thrilled to report that...At the Splash & Dash CPE agility trial on August 7 & 8, Homespun Cubbie Blue RE “Addisyn”, was 5 for 5, earning a Level 2 Full House, Snooker, Wild Card, Colors and Jumpers leg, with four 1st places and a 3rd place.  Not bad for only her 2nd agility trial.  At the same trial, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, RE, AX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL3-H, CL3-S, CGC, TDI “Hannah”, earned a Level 4 Wildcard, Jackpot, Jumpers and Colors leg and a Level 3 Full House leg to finish her CL3-F title.  She earned three 1st places and a 4th.
At the WCOTC agility trials on September 4-6, Hannah earned the 8th, 9th & 10th legs of her Master Excellent Jumper Preferred, to finish her title.  She did this with a 3rd and two 4th places.  At the same trial on September 6th, Addisyn tried AKC Novice Jumpers for the first time, and qualified with a perfect score 3rd place.

Also... At the BCKC agility trial on September 19th, Addisyn tried AKC Novice Jumpers for the second time, and qualified to earn her second leg with a perfect score 2nd place. At the WCOTC obedience trials on October 2-3, Hannah and Addisyn each earned the first two legs of their Beginner Novice titles.


Also... At the GTOTC rally trials on October 16-17, Hannah earned her 5th & 6th Rally Advanced Excellent Double Q’s.  At the same trial, Addisyn earned her 1st & 2nd Rally Advanced Excellent Double Q’s.  In one of the Advanced B classes, her score was 99 out of 100, which gave her 3rd place in a class with 20 dogs.


October 2010


Lucy McCloskey: Hamilton's Mystic Lord of the Dance aka Sonny - Becomes A Champion. 

Sonny and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio over the Halloween weekend.  We had a great time visiting friends that we made at the Wild Weavers Training Center and participating in the APDT Rally Trial.  We did 12 runs over the two days and ended up with 12Q's, His lowest score was 200 and his highest score was 209 out of a perfect score of 210.  He earned 4 first places, 3 fourth places and 1 fifth place and earned the following new titles in APDT Rally.

RL3 - Level 3 Title: Award of Excellence - Level 3: ARCH - APDT Rally Champion. 

His new name is ARCH Hamilton's Mystic Lord of the Dance, RL1, RL2, RL3. BN, RN. But to all of us that know and love him he will always be known as Sonny


Lucy McCloskey:   I have a brag to pass along to all of you.  Yes, you guessed right, Sonney has earned another title.  Did I say another titles, I meant TWO titles at the Golden Triangle Obedience Show held at Cheswick on Oct. 9th and 10th. Sonny earned his Rally Novice Title.  His score both days was 99 our of a possible 100.  He placed 2nd both days.


Sonny also earned his Beginners Novice Obedience Title.  Sonney Eanred a nice score of 194.5 out of a possible 200 all three times.  A very nice showing for our first try at Obeidence.  I could be more Proud of my boy Sonny. (Picture on Right) 

From Elaine Kelvington: At the Westmoreland Rally Trial on Oct. 1,  Solomon aka  CH Kelvington's Once 'N A Blue Moon HT  qualified to get his first rally novice leg!   Then on Oct. 2 he had a repeat performance to qualify again. This is his first endeavor into the world of obedience.    I was very proud of him; he did a great job.  

From Elaine Kelvington: We just got an invitation via email for the 2010 Eukanuba National Championship at Long Beach, CA.

Sony is eligible since she finished from the Bred by exhibitor class.    I don't think she will have any hair to go,  (due to having puppies) but it is exciting to be invited.

From Elaine Kelvington: We are so excited!  

Sawyer aka  CH Kelvington's Talisman CDX, RE,  AXJ , AX, CGC, TDI  got his final leg in HT at the Baltimore Shetland Sheepdog Club herding trial on Sept. 17th  to give him his HT as well as his CH VCX title!  That completed Sawyer's 17th title to date.  We are ecstatic.    Then today, he qualified in excellent jww at the Beaver Co. Agility trial to give him his 4th leg towards his Master's title.   Sawyer has succeeded beyond my wildest imagination.  What a guy.

Solomon  aka  CH Kelvington's Once 'N A Blue Moon also qualified at the same trials to finish his HT title.  He needs a few more titles and he will also have his CH VCX title.  He is getting ready to show in rally and will soon have those final points too!

As always, both dogs were breeder, owner handled.   We are so proud of both of our boys.  We floated home from the trial. 

From Terri Chasser: I'm so proud of both of my girls!

At the recent Beaver County Kennel Club AKC agility trial, Mackenzie had 3 qualifying runs, one QQ and more points than we've earned in quite some time.  We had a fun agility weekend.

At the same trial, Maggie earned her first AKC agility title bringing home two first place ribbons and a beautiful NJP title ribbon.  She also earned her first leg in Open Jumpers Preferred.  As many saw, she brought tears to my eyes as I realized how far she has come and how happy she is training and competing.  I'm thrilled with all she has achieved.  It's not the ribbons but the fact that she is finding her confidence, and she's having so much fun.  Her tail was wagging all weekend!

From Dee Farrell: What a fun and exhausting weekend we had at the TDAA trial in Washingtonville on September 18 and 19!  It was my first time to run both of my dogs in an agility trial, as well as Pixie’s first time to run Beginner Standard and Pebbles’ first time to run Superior Standard. 

It seemed that a great deal of our time was inadvertently spent entertaining everyone else, but at the end of the weekend we left with a total of five Qs and two titles!  Pebbles earned two Qs in Games II, with one 1st-place and one 2nd-place finish, and one Q in Games III and her TG2 title!  Pixie earned two Qs in Games I, with one 1st-place and one 4th-place finish, and her TG1 title, her very first agility title!  I was so proud of my Yorkie girls and so grateful for all the help and encouragement we received.  Not only did we have the Bandi cheering section, but also Pixie’s breeder, Bobbie and Jack Neely, drove over from Meadville.  I would like to express a special thanks to Diane Valley (daughter of Tom and Phyllis Bandi), who was my traveling companion and extremely helpful assistant for the weekend!


September 2010


From Dave & Sue Wray:  On September 11 Dave & I took Heidi & Gus to a fun show in the Wheeling area. I entered Gus in Novice Rally twice  - one for practice & one for show. He has only been in training for three months for obedience & one month for Rally. He took 1st place in Novice Rally against nine other dogs with a score of 99. Heidi qed in Excellent with a score of 76. The judge said her ears were up & her tail was wagging. This is a big improvement for her. I'm so proud of Gus & Heidi(Picture on right.)

From Lisa Paciorek & Ellie CDX RN:  On Friday August 6, 2010 at Columbiana County Kennel Club Inc., Her Majesty Queen Alice (Ellie) earned her last leg needed for her CDX (companion dog excellent) Title.  She took 2nd place with a score of 188.

From Elaine Kelvington: Show News  Sharisse, our blue merle sheltie was Winner's bitch today at the St. Clairsville, OH show for one more point. That gives her 8 points and a major! Our puppy, Samara, won her class (bred by exhibitor) as well.   Kiss,   (bred by us) was shown by Katie G. and also won her class. It was neat that out of the 4 bitches in the winner's circle, 3 were Kelvington's dogs.  On Saturday, Samara was reserve from the bred by exhibitor class at that same show

From Elaine Kelvington: Agility: At the Beaver Co. Kennel Club agility trial on Saturday, Sept 4, Sawyer aka CH Kelvington's Talisman, CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, TDI, CGC   finished his Novice Fast title with a 2nd place.   On Sunday, Sept 5, at the same trials, Sawyer got his first Open Fast leg with a first place and also qualified in Standard Excellent for his 5th leg towards his master's agility title.   He made his owner/handler very happy.  What a great weekend. 

From Dee Farrell:  Pebbles had a successful return to CPE agility in August.  In two weekends she earned 12 Qs and completed two Level 1 titles and one Level 2 title!  At the Splash N Dash trial on August 7 she earned two Qs with a 2nd-place and 3rd-place finish and completed her Handler Games Level 2 Title.  On August 8 Pebbles had a "perfect day" with four Qs in four runs, with one 1st, two 2nd, and one 3rd-place finish, and completed her Standard Level 1 Title.  At the Four Seasons trial on August 13 she earned one Q with a 2nd-place finish, and on August 14 Pebbles had another "perfect day" with five Qs in five runs.  She had two 2nd, one 3rd, and one 4th-place finish and earned the last of her Level 1 titles by completing her Fun Games Level 1 title.  I am so proud of Pebbles' accomplishments and so thankful for her recovery and for all the encouragement we have received.

Then on Labor Day weekend we had a wonderful time at the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club's AKC Agility trial.  On September 4 Pebbles accomplished several "firsts" -- the first time she Q'd on the first day of an AKC trial, the first time she Q'd twice in one day at an AKC trial, and the first time she scored 100% in AKC.  She had two 1st-place 100% Qualifying runs in Novice Preferred and completed her NJP title.  On September 6 Pebbles had another 1st-place 100% Qualifying run and completed her NAP title.

From Terry Younkins:  Ezekiel's Bold Vision (Zeke) completed his CD at the Admiral Perry Trial in Erie, Pa, Aug 21, 2010.  He was Highest Scoring Terrier, and Highest Scoring Airedale that day. 

From Rose Nicotra: I showed Kit Kat and Moxie at the AKC trial in Washingtonville, OH on August 21.  I was so excited when I ran Moxie first and she came in with a first place and a blue ribbon.  I never expected the day to continue that way but when I ran Kit Kat, she also got 1st place in JWW.  Then we ran the standard run and both girls got first place again.  I was on Cloud 9 and so proud of my little rat terriers.

August 2010


The Ritchey family is pleased to announce

Our new Conformation Champion! 


Ben finished Casey’s Championship at the Canfield show on Saturday, August 7th, by taking 1st place in Open Dog, Winners Dog, Best of Winners for the major, and Best of Breed! Ben had a great support group cheering for him from Keystone; Barb Newman came along and Toni and Clare although busy with their Westie Specialty, made sure they were there ringside to encourage and cheer for Ben and Casey.  Sharing the moment with friends made it all the more special.


Our 12 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Sunny, had her final go-around in the ring earlier that day in the category of Veteran Bitch.  It was a bittersweet moment for mom. The first time Ben entered the show ring was with Sunny when Ben was just 7 years old (he is now 14); and she was just a young dog.  Sunny has been in retirement for several years but she agreed to come out of retirement for one last show.  As the only 12-year-old dog in the ring she automatically got Best Veteran and more applause than she could imagine.



Registered Name:

Ch. Sweetbriar Cayce’s Charisma,



Call Name:




Benjamin Ritchey


Breeder Name:

Sweetbriar Kennel, Dan and Dana Graff


Name of Trial:

Steel Valley Cluster, 8-7-10


Official Results of the Day:

1st in Open, Winners Dog,

Best of Winners,

Best of Breed.  This show was considered a “major” in our breed.


Amy Wustin tells us that... On Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22 at the Youngstown All Breed Agility Trials held in Washingtonville OH,  Bella, a German Shorthaired Pointer, owned by Amy and Elizabeth Wustin,  had a clean sweep both days.  Bella earned 2 Open Std legs taking a 2nd and a 3rd and in Open JWW, she brought home 2 - 2nd placements.   Bella was extremely proud of herself and not shy about telling Amy just that ! 

Lisa Paciorek tell us that... On Friday August 6, 2010 at Columbiana County Kennel Club Inc., Her Majesty Queen Alice(Ellie) earned her last leg needed for her CDX (companion dog excellent) Title.  She took 2nd place with a score of 188. 

From Dee Farrell: Pebbles' first agility trial since her knee surgery was the Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club's AKC trial.  On July 24 she earned a 1st-place Qualifying score in Novice Preferred JWW!  I was so happy to run agility with Pebbles again!


From Denise Letterman: At the Splash & Dash CPE Agility Trial held in Cheswick during August 7th and 8th, Caesar earned his first perfect weekend ribbon qualifying in all 9 events.  At Level 3, Caesar earned 1 leg in Fullhouse, 1 leg in Colors; 2 legs in Standard; and 2 legs in Jackpot.  At Level 4, he earned 1 leg in Jumpers, Wildcard, as well as Snooker.  All Q's were placements that earned him two 1st place, five 2nd place, one 3rd place, and one 4th place wins. 

At the same trial Troy qualified in 8 of the 9 events.  At Level 4 Troy earned his final leg in Jackpot to fulfill the requirements for his CL4-S (Strategy Games) Title.  At Level 5 he earned 1 leg in Fullhouse,


Jumpers, Wildcard, Snooker, as well as Colors, and 2 legs in Standard.  Troy's qualifying runs were all for placements earning him six 1st place, one 2nd place, and one 3rd place wins.  One second was the difference in a perfect weekend for Troy.
Also, at the same trial Hector qualified in 8 of the 9 events.  At Level 4 Hector earned 1 leg in Jackpot.  At Level 5, he earned 1 leg in Fullhouse, Jumpers, Wildcard, Snooker, as well as Colors and 2 legs in Standard.  Even though some of Hector's runs were slow with an occasional weave pole mishap, he did receive eight 1st place wins. 
That was a total of 25 Q's out of 27 runs all for placements and we were very tired by Sunday night.  Thanks for letting me brag about my little boys.  I'm so proud of them including Hector who is going through a 'sheltie phase'.


From Karen Mattson: Calie took and passed her CGC/TDI test in June while at Camp Gone to the Dogs. We are interested in a reading program with kids (Tail Waggin Tutors).  If anyone knows of local programs of this type, please let me know.

LUCY AND SONNY'S WEEKEND (Picture on right)


The weekend of August 7 & 8, Sonny and I went to Wadsworth, Ohio.  We visited the Medina Swarm Club and participated in Sonny's second APDL rally trial.


The following are a list of his accomplishments for the weekend:

1. He earned 4 more level one B Legs toward his individual championship title. (RLX1) he now has five out of the ten needed.

2. He earned his level two title (and just to brag - he placed first in all three legs)

3. He earned his second award of excellence this one for level 2A (all qualifying scores must be above 190 points)

4.  He earned his first double Q (level 1B & level 2B) he needs a total of five double Q's and 100 points for arch title (APDT rally champion)

What a weekend.  Thank you Sonny



From Terri Chasser: I'm happy to report that Mackenzie recently earned her CL2-R, CL2_H and CL2-F titles at the Splash 'n Dash CPE trial on Saturday, 8/7/10. She had an awesome day!


I'm also thrilled to report that Maggie competed in her first AKC agility trial on Sat and Sun, 7/24 and 7/25.  I entered her in the Novice JWW Preferred class.  She qualified in both runs, and she earned a first place and a second place ribbon.  Maggie also had much success and even more fun at the recent Splash 'n Dash CPE.  She earned 3 qualifying ribbons and 3 third place ribbons.  My shy, unconfident girl has come so far!  I'm so very proud of both of my girls.


July 2010


From Lisa Paciorek and Ellie:  On Sunday June 13, 2010 at the Mountaineer Kennel Club,Ellie earned her 2nd leg for her GN (graduate novice) title receiving 3rd place.

Then, on Sunday June 13, 2010 Ellie earned her 2nd CDX (companion dog excellent) leg receiving 4th place.


From Elaine Kelvington:  Conformation News:

At the South Hills  Kennel Club show on June 24, our puppy ,  Suri, aka Kelvington's Circle O' Life was reserve winner's bitch.  The next day, at the Mountaineer Kennel Club show, her litter mate, Semper aka Kelvington's Celebration O'Life was reserve winner's dog.  Sharisse, aka Kelvington's  Dancing 'N Moonlite was also reserve winner's bitch on June 25 at the Mountaineer Kennel Club show and the next day, June 26 at the South Hills Kennel club show.


From Elaine Kelvington:  Herding News:

The Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore held a herding testing trial at Berryville, VA on July 1.   We are very happy to report that Sawyer aka  CH Kelvington's Talisman  CDX, RE, AX, AXJ and Solomon aka  CH Kelvington's Once 'N A Blue Moon both qualified to get their first HT legs. 


From Terri Chasser:  I'm pleased to report that Mackenzie earned her AKC MX title on Sunday, 6/13/10 at the Youngstown All-Breed Agility trial in Washingtonville, OH.  On Sunday, 6/6/10, she also earned her CL2-R and CL1-S titles at the Splash 'n Dash CPE trial in Cheswick.  I'm so proud of my sassy girl.


I am also thrilled to add a special brag about my other Sheltie, Maggie.  She is my 8 year old girl who has always been a shy, rather insecure girl.  I started her in agility classes a year or so ago in hopes that agility would help build her confidence and also get a little extra weight off of her.  After each class, I saw improvement in her confidence.  At first I thought she really didn't like agility but as she continued to train, she began to show marked improvement in her confidence and signs that she was actually having fun.  I also think the lessons we have recently learned in Denise's soft dog class have made a tremendous difference in my girl.  With all of these positive signs, I thought I'd take the next step and enter her in her first agility trial.  I entered her in 2 games in the Splash 'n Dash CPE trial in Cheswick.  I admit I had no expectations for her and was hoping she would at least not leave the ring or maybe take a jump or two. 


Well, I was amazed when I entered the ring with her, removed her leash, lined her up at the first obstacle and she took off with enthusiasm over the first jump.  After recovering from the initial shock. I ran with a wide smile on my face with my shy girl.  We had one minor fault but she soared over that last jump and started spinning and jumping the whole way back to her crate.  Needless to say, she got lots of treats after that major accomplishment.


Her second run was even better.  She couldn't wait to enter the ring and practically took off without me when I removed her leash.  She had a clean, fast run (for her) and finished in first place.  She was actually smiling, yes smiling, as she ran with me to get her leash.  Oh, the joy and pride I felt.  My sweet, shy girl earned her first agility title (CL1-R) on that special day.  Special thanks to Denise Letterman for her guidance in helping me and my soft dogs grow and achieve so much. 



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are happy to report that...at the Splash and Dash CPE Agility Trial in Cheswick on June 5th, Homespun Cubbie Blue RA "Addisyn", tried agility for the first time. Addy was entered in Jumpers Level 2, and qualified with a 2nd place. She said she had so much fun, she wants to enter two classes at the next trial.

AND...at the same trial, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, RE, AX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL3-H, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned her CL3-S title and a Full House Level 3 leg, all with 1st places.

AND…at the WCOTC Rally Trials on June 11th and 12th in Delmont, Homespun Cubbie Blue RA "Addisyn", finished her Rally Excellent title. One of the legs was a 2nd place.


AND...at the same trial, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, RE, AX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL3-S, CL3-H, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned the 3rd and 4th Double Q’s of her Rally Advanced Excellent title.

Lucy McCloskey is very proud to announce that... On, Sunday June 20, 2010, I am proud to announce that Hamilton's Mystic Lord of the Dance, Sonny, is officialy a Canine Good Citizen (GCG) and Therpay Dog International (TDI) approved.  He passed both test with no problems.  As usual, I am very proud of how well he is doing.

June 2010

From Denise Letterman: Caesar, Troy, and Hector competed at the Four Seasons CPE trial held in Washingtonville, OH on May 22 and 23. Hector Q'ed in all 8 runs earning seven 1st and one 2nd place wins for another perfect weekend.  Hector also earned his˙CSL4-F (Level 4 -Fun Games) title as well as his CSL4-R (Level 4 -Standard) title. Troy Q'ed in 7 of the 8 runs receiving two 1st, one 2nd, two 3rd, and two 4th place wins.  Troy earned his CSL4-F (Level 4 - Fun Games) title during the trial.  Caesar Q'ed 7 of the 8 runs receiving five 1st and two 2nd place wins.  Way to run CZ!! Also, Hector competed at the Golden Triangle AKC trial held in Cheswick on May 29, 30, and 31.  Not sure what was up with my little boy but he seemed to be very distracted over the weekend.  Despite this invasion that changed his personality, Hector was able to Q 5 of the 6 runs.  He picked up 2 QQ's for a total of 21 and 46 MACH points bring his total up to 515.  Maybe he was on strike since his brothers were not running.  Who knows???

Also, the 'Greek' boys competed at the Splash N Dash CPE trial held in Cheswick on June 5.  Hector Q'ed 5 of the 5 runs all for 1st place.  Troy Q'ed 5 of the 5 runs earning four 1st and one 2nd place wins.  Troy also earned his CSL4-R (Level 4 - Standard) title.  Despite the thunderstorms, Troy ran really well.  Caesar Q'ed 5 of the 5 runs earning one 1st, two 2nd, and two 3rd place wins.  CZ earned his CSL2-S (Level 2 - Strategy Games) title finishing all Level 2 requirements.  When the dust (or mud) settled at the end of Saturday, we Q'ed in all 15 runs.  Sunday, no one was moving much from the couch.  Thanks for letting me brag and as always, I'm so proud of my little 'Greek' boys. Two more weekends remaining from this 5-weekend run then a well deserved 4 weekends off.  

From Barb Pohodich: At Keystone's Teacup Agility Trial in April, Sadie received her Teacup Intermediate Agility Dog (TIAD) Title and her Teacup Games 3 (TG3) Title. Both were 1st place finishes. We are very proud of her accomplishments.

From Elaine Kelvington: EXCITING NEWS! On Thursday, May 27, 2010,  Kelvington's Dancing 'N Moonlite  aka  "Sharisse"  our blue merle girl, was Winner's Bitch for a major at the Laurel Highlands Kennel Association's Show.   That gives her 7 points, one major and several reserves/major reserves. As always, Sharisse was Breeder/owner handled.  On Saturday, May 29, 2010, Sharisse got a major reserve at the same cluster. Thanks for listening and sharing our good news

From Rita & Wayne Slepcevich: Addisyn had a great weekend at the Butler Dog Training Association Rally Trials on May 1 & 2.  On Saturday she earned her Rally Advanced title with a 1st Place, and on Sunday she earned the first leg of her Rally Excellent title with a 3rd place.

Harley Darlin  - CGC, CD From Rod Sabatini: I just want to share the progress towards our next title in obedience. It was only our second attempt for the Obedience Open A title (CDX), and Harley not only qualified she took 3rd place at the Butler Training Club show in Saxonburg, PA.  Her score of 179.5 could have easily been 6-9 points higher, she had a couple of minor errors performing simple fronts, (just not her day).  And she had a whining poodle next to her during the long down that caused her to talk in the ring (kiss 3 more points goodbye).  She still has her usual defaults in heeling, but not a bad showing.  Next stop is the Westmoreland show June 13.  Then Waynesburg at the end of June.  Will keep you posted.  Congrats to all those who qualified and titled at Saxonburg.

Lucy McCloskey tells us that... On Memorial Day Weekend, of 2010, Sonny and I took our first road trip.  We were off to Columbus, Ohio to his first APDT Rally Trial.


He was one of the best behaved dogs and he more than proved that he is the son of Lad.


Trial 1 Level 1A - Fourth Place with a score of 198 out of a possible 210.


Trial 2 Level 1 A - Third Place with a score of 208 out of a possible 210.

(Three dogs ties with that score)

Trial 3 Level 1 A - Fourth Place with a score of 201 out of a possible 210 -

Title APDT Rally Level 1


Trial 4 Level 1 B - Qualified with a score of 202 out of a possible 210 (1st of 10 needed for a Level I Champion Title)


Trial 5 Level 2 A - First Place with a score of 203 out of a possible 210.   


May 2010


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are happy to report that...at the BDTA Rally Trials on May 1st and 2nd, Homespun Cubbie Blue RN "Addisyn", finished her Rally Advanced title with a 1st Place on Saturday, and earned her first Rally Excellent leg on Sunday with a 3rd Place.


From Elaine Kelvington:  Sawyer aka CH Kelvington's Talisman CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, CGC, TDI  got another leg towards his Masters' jww's title and two legs towards his Novice Fast title (with a first and third place) at the Mountaineer Kennel Club's agility trials.

And... Kelvington's Dancing 'N Moonlite aka Sharisse was Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners on Saturday, May 1 at the Magic Valley Kennel Club show under noted, sheltie breeder judge, Dorothy Christiansen for one point.   That brings her up to 4 points and several  reserves/ major reserves.


From Rose Marie Nicotra:  My Rat Terriers, Moxie & Kit Kat both moved up a level when we went to the Morgantown, WV AKC agility trial on April 10.  Moxie moved to Open and Kit Kat moved to Excellent.  I’m so proud of my little rats, they try so hard.  Both dogs had 1 first place ribbon; Kit Kat got a 3rd and Moxie a 2nd place ribbon in their other runs.  We had 4 Q’s that day.  Kit Kat ran against Pete’s new dog “Bryce” and got her first place ribbon.  Pete’s dog ran 6 seconds faster but Kit Kat ran clean.  I’m sure Pete will beat us next time, his dogs are really good.


Lisa Paciorek tells us that on... Sunday May 2, 2010 Ellie (HER Majesty Queen Alice CD RN) earned her 1st leg toward her CDX title taking 2nd place. This took place at Butler dog training association.


Brags from Tom and Phyllis Bandi:  During these past few months our Yorkshire terriers brought some sunshine into our lives.  Little Amber Star passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dog International) tests.  How proud we are of her.  The teacup agility trials at Splash and Dash in February gave Amber Star five 1st-place qualifying ribbons and earned her a title in TDAA Beginner Standard (TBAD) and two legs in TDAA Games I.  Tiffany had two successful runs with two 2nd-place qualifying ribbons and earned a title in TDAA Superior Standard (TSAD).  Now on to Washingtonville, Ohio, in mid April.  Amber Star got two first-place qualifying ribbons and earned her TDAA Intermediate Standard (TIAD) title.  Tiffany had two successful qualifying runs in TDAA Standard Superior Champion.  On the last weekend in April we all had such a great time at Keystone with members and guests.  We heard only positive comments about our trials, and everyone did such a good job of helping to make the weekend a success.  More brags about Amber Star, who got four 1st-place qualifying ribbons and earned her title in TDAA Games I (TG1).  Tiffany had her first qualifying 1st-place ribbon in TDAA Games III.  A big thank you to all the great instructors at Keystone for their help and encouragement in making this possible.


By Dee Farrell:  As many of you know, Pebbles is currently sidelined with a knee injury.  She had TPLO knee surgery on March 22 and is doing well and may be able to return to agility in a few weeks.  In the meantime, Pixie has unexpectedly become an agility competitor, too.


After taking “Intro to Agility” and completing some preliminary agility training in “Basic Obedience,” I decided to enter her in an agility class where I was delighted to learn that KCTC’s new Teacup equipment would be in use.  Pixie had not previously attempted the contact obstacles, and I thought it would be a good learning experience.  Pixie’s class was scheduled to start the week after Pebbles’ injury occurred, and I decided not to take Pixie because I didn’t want to do agility without Pebbles.  It was an emotional weekend for me, since Pebbles and I had to miss the CPE trial I had eagerly anticipated.  With the permission of our instructor, Shelley Wolf, my husband, John, who had shown only a limited interest in agility prior to that decided to take Pixie to class if I would go also; and I decided to go if I could take Pebbles.  So our whole family of four attended Pixie’s first agility class.  The plan was that John and I would take turns holding Pebbles and running Pixie.


Since the equipment was new for all the dogs, we started with obstacle familiarization; and John and I, while carrying Pebbles, together helped Pixie become accustomed to it.  John agreed to take the first run with Pixie, and he liked it so much that he ended up doing all the runs with her that day.  Since then, when people remark that I got him hooked on agility, I reply, “Not me!  It was Pixie!”  I cried the first time she went over the A-frame for John, partly because she did it so well and partly because Pebbles wasn’t able to try it at the time.  She went up the Teacup dog walk and A-frame as if she had been doing it all her life. 


I was fairly content to hold Pebbles throughout Pixie’s first class, as she especially needed me then; however, as the weeks progressed, I wanted to be involved with handling Pixie, too.  It soon became apparent that as a “daddy’s girl,” Pixie performed better with John than she did with me.  I, of course, did not like that at all.  During the third week of class, John decided to take Pixie off leash, just to see what she would do.  Amazingly, she stayed with him on the course.  John didn’t think that was such an accomplishment until I informed him that it had been years before I took Pebbles off leash in agility class.  He commented that it was so much easier without the leash, and of course that’s true if the dog stays with the handler, which Pebbles rarely did. 


Pixie made progress with all of the obstacles except the teeter, as Shelley advised us to take that one more slowly in order not to frighten Pixie with the height, the movement, and the noise.  I didn’t realize how much John wanted Pixie on the teeter until one Saturday morning a few weeks later when he called me to come into our game room, and I was totally flabbergasted to see that he had built a “practice teeter” for

Pixie.  A simple board mounted on a flange so that it sloped upward from the floor only a few inches, it might not have been much of an accomplishment for a handyman type of guy; but the last thing I could remember John building was some bathroom closet shelves more than 20 years ago.  Pixie became accustomed to the movement of the “practice teeter” and quickly learned that treats were awarded only when she went all the way to the end of the board.  In class we still skipped the teeter on the course and only attempted it when our teacher was holding onto it so that Pixie didn’t have to balance it by herself and didn’t have to hear the loud noise it made as it hit the floor after her dismount. As the time neared for Keystone’s TDAA trial, I was looking forward to helping with it but also disappointed that I didn’t have a dog participating in it.  I had gone ahead and registered Pixie with TDAA and decided to get her first measurement at our trial, but I really hadn’t thought about entering her since I didn’t think she was ready.  Our instructor and classmates were so encouraging, though; and as the time neared, I began to think what part of the trial Pixie might be able to do.  We had practiced a version of one of the games in class, and I thought maybe we could do that one and avoid the teeter.  Then I read the description of “Helter Skelter” and realized it would contain only jumps and tunnels at the Games I level.  I thought it might be an excellent introduction so that Pixie could experience the noise, crowds, and distractions of a trial and decided to enter her in both games.  I chose to enter them to be scored rather than for exhibition only, just in case she would “accidentally” do something right.  A picture of Pixie on the A-frame was featured in The Almanac with an article about Keystone’s upcoming trial, and that only added to my excitement.


I had calculated that Pixie was on the border between the four-inch and eight-inch jump heights and was anxious to see what she would actually measure.  At our first class I had her jump at eight inches, but I moved her back to four for subsequent classes since it was easier not to have to change the jump heights just for her and since I assumed it would be a “long time” before she actually competed anyway.  I didn’t know if Pixie would stand still to be measured or would assume her usual position of greeting someone by rolling over on her back to get a belly rub, but she actually cooperated.  The judge was almost apologetic when he explained she would need to jump at eight inches.  I wasn’t really surprised but was glad to know in advance, although then I thought it would have been good if we practiced more at eight inches.


On the day of the trial, I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I was at Pebbles’ first trial.  I did my best to keep my expectations low.  Pixie had been in training for only about six weeks at that point and had not even been on an agility course without treats before, so I had no idea what she would do.  She did fine jumping the practice jump at eight inches.  During Helter Skelter, as we neared the third obstacle, Pixie veered off toward the scribe and timekeeper; and I immediately had flashbacks of Pebbles’ trials where she had gone to visit anyone in the ring.  But Pixie came back to me, and we kept going, jump after jump, through the chute, more jumps, and ending with a tunnel.  Pixie completed all 13 obstacles!  I was so delighted, and I scooped her up, amid thunderous applause.  She was about three seconds over time, but on that game she was allowed to be five seconds over if she had no other mistakes; so Pixie actually Q’d on her very first run at her very first trial!  We received not only a beautiful blue Qualifying ribbon but also a lovely yellow third-place rosette!


It became apparent that if we were to gather enough points in the second game, we would have to complete the teeter.  During obstacle familiarization, I took Pixie out on the course on leash and tried the teeter.  About halfway up, she jumped off the side; another try, same result.  The next time I tried holding my hand in front of her face and “luring” her to the end of the board, even though there were no treats in my hand; and Pixie was successful!  We tried again, and she completed it a second time.  I consulted with Shelley, who was still hesitant for Pixie to attempt the teeter.  I realized if I tried it too soon, I could traumatize Pixie for a long time.  I decided we would try it and if Pixie balked at all, we would just go on and do the rest of the course and not reattempt it.  I offered to let John run with Pixie, although I really wanted to do it; and he decided since she had done well with me that morning, we could try again.  As we played Quidditch, Pixie completed the first three jumps, then the tire (fortunately, at the beginning level, I didn’t have to stay outside the containment line), then the next three obstacles and the tire again.  Then it was time for the teeter, first time off leash.  Pixie ran right up with no hesitation and then followed my hand all the way to the end of the board!  After she landed, the board banged loudly when it returned to its original position.  Pixie looked back as if to say, “What on earth was THAT?”  But I got her attention by directing her to the next obstacle, a tunnel, which she completed easily.  After that there were two more jumps, then the tire, and then the table to stop time.  She completed the first jump, but when we reached the last obstacle, Pixie ran everywhere around that jump except over it.  She had completed the most difficult part of the course and then didn’t do the easiest part!  Still she came awfully close to Qualifying, and I was delighted and amazed.  Although Shelley refused to take credit for Pixie’s performance, John was happy to point out that she “couldn’t have done it without him.”  And that’s true, as he was the one who encouraged her to perform off leash.  It was a team effort, and “Team Pixie” triumphed on our first attempt. 


It will be interesting, I think, to see what happens at her next trial.  Will Pixie regress before she improves?  Will she become as good at agility as her littermate, Amber Star?  And, more importantly to me, who will be the second member of her team, John or me?  Stay tuned for the further exploits of Pixie the Agility Dog!

April 2010


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are happy to report that... at the WPKA Rally Trials on March 27th and 28th, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, RE, AX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL3-H, CGC, TDI "Hannah", Double Q'ed in Excellent B and Advanced B both days, earning her first two RAE legs along with a 3rd and 4th place.  At the same trials, Homespun Cubbie Blue RN "Addisyn", earned her first two RA legs, one with a 3rd place.


Denise Letterman: (Picture on right)

Caesar, Troy, and Hector competed at the CPE agility trials held in Washingtonville, OH on March 12th and 13th.  My little Hector earned eight 1st place wins giving him another perfect weekend ribbon.  He also received the CTL4-H (Level 4 Handler Games) title.  Troy Q'ed in 7 out of 8 runs earning one 1st place, four 2nd place, one 3rd place, and one 5th place wins.  Troy also earned the CTL4-H (Level 4 Handler Games) title.  Caesar Q'ed 7 out of 8 runs earning one 2nd, four 3rd, one 4th, and one 5th place wins. 


The boys also competed at the Youngstown/Westmoreland AKC agility trials held in Washingtonville, OH on March 19th, 20th, and 21st.  Hector Q'ed 5 out of 6 runs (mom's mistake on the first run) taking home one 4th place, 2 QQ's, and 56 MACH points.  He now has a total of 448 MACH points and 18 QQ's.  Luckily I was able to convince Hector to take down the 'New Handler Wanted' sign he put on his crate.  Troy walked away with three 1st place wins in Novice JWW Preferred earning his NJP (Novice Jumpers Preferred) title.  He also received two 1st place wins in Novice Standard Preferred.  Troy was enjoying the novice courses so much that during his first standard run when he reached the top of the A-Frame, he whipped out his Superman Cape, tied it around his neck, took two steps and tried to fly to the next obstacle.  He almost made it -- NQ!!  This was Caesar's


first AKC trial.  He earned two 1st and one 2nd place wins in Novice JWW Preferred earning his NJP (Novice Jumpers Preferred) title.  He also earned one 1st place win in Novice Standard Preferred.  On Saturday, for some unknown reason, the teeter became a very scary obstacle, which carried over to Sunday.  Oh well, there's always another trial.  I am really proud of my three boys


From D. Hareza: (Picture on right)

Rio, my husband, David and I attended our first agility trial on March 13 at Washingtonville, OH.  We had a wonderful time.  Everyone was very friendly.  Sue and Dave Wray were there to support us and run Heidi.  Denise Letterman and the boys were also there with tips for us.  She even walked the course with me a couple of times.  I thank all of you for your friendship and support.  We couldn’t have done it without you all! I also would like to thank all of the instructors I have had through the last few years at Keystone.  From the puppy kindergarten classes to the basic obedience classes to rally to the agility.  Each built upon the next to get us to the point we are at now.  But most of all I want to thank Rio.  He has given me a memory that I will never forget.  He gave me his all.  He ran with joy.  Even if we had not Q’d the happiness in his eyes would have been more than enough.  To you Rio and the Q’s in Wildcard, Fullhouse, Standard and Jumpers you earned.  You are my hero.


From Barbara Newman:

Sterling and I were surrounded by many of our KCC friend at the WPKA event at the convention center. We accomplished 2 of our 10 necessary legs in Rally Advanced/Excellent. We are attempting a third leg Friday, April 9th in Youngstown.  As we count it KCC received a minimum of 21 qualifying ribbons in Obedience and Rally.  New to competing was Wendy A. with Zoe – they attained 2 Q’s in Rally novice and one in Obedience. I am stopping calling out successes, as I do not want to miss anyone – human or dog – by omission.  Sterling and I want to congratulate all and wish all, no matter which venue in the upcoming season, safety and success.


From Ben Ritchey:

Ben Ritchey won 1st place in open dog and winners dog at the WPKA show in Pittsburgh on March 29.


From Lori Ritchey:

Gernie, our Jack Russell Terrier, passed his CGC!!!!


From Pam Lewis:

Crystal earned her Rally Advanced title at the WPKA trail at the Pittsburgh Convention Enter.


At the WPKA trial at the Convention Center on March 27th & 28th, Pam Lewis & Crystal(Crituque's Magical Crystal) got her second & third legs in Advanced Rally (she took 3rd place on Saturday). Icey ( Country Doll's Icicle)  also competed & got her first leg in Novice Rally.


March 2010


From Paula Shimko: Our Debut Agility Trial:

On March 6th Shane and I entered our first agility trial. The first day, Saturday, did not go so well. Shane and I were extremely nervous, to say the least. At the beginning of the run the judge gave his little speech and clearly said “ Do not touch your dog when you are in the ring” and what do I do? I touch my dog! He was so nervous that when I led him to the tunnel he went in, but when I stepped away to meet him at the other end he came with me. This is when I touched my dog to lead him back into the tunnel, like he was a bowling ball! A big DQ! Things got better on Sunday though. After watching the video that my Granddaughter Sammie took of our run on Saturday I was able to see where we went wrong and vowed not to repeat those same mistakes. Sammie should be my camera person from now on because she does a fantastic job. I was very impressed with her video. She caught the whole run. My friend Lynn advised me to worry more about getting a nice clean run and less about speed, that speed would come later with other agility trials. She was right and we had a beautiful clean run. We went a little over time, but that’s O.K.  We qualified and as a bonus came in first place. I have a big blue rosette to prove it! 


A special thanks to Pete, poor guy, I hounded him for advice while he was walking the course for his own run. He was gracious enough to take the time to help and I thank him. You’re the best Pete! I also would like to thank Amy and her helpers for all their invaluable instruction. We simply could not have done as well as we did without them so thank you all. It can only get better from here.


From Dee Farrell: 

I am so pleased to report that my precious little Pebbles earned her TIAD (Teacup Intermediate Agile Dog) title on February 28!  She earned her first Q in Teacup Games II and her third Q in Intermediate Standard at the Splash N Dash TDAA trial.


From Rose Nicotra:

Moxie and Kit Kat were at the TDAA trial at Splash N Dash on Feb 27.  They ran 3 runs each – Kit Kat had 3 1st place ribbons and 3 Q’s and Moxie had 2 1st place ribbons and 1 2nd place and all Q’s too.


From Elaine Kelvington

Sawyer, aka CH Kelvington's Talisman CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, CGC, TDI  got a Master's Standard leg at the Puli Agility Trial, Zanesville, OH on Saturday, March 6, 2010.  That makes his 4th towards his title.



From Lucy McCloskey: (Pictures on Left & Right)


On January 16th and 17th Toby and I took a road trip to Columbus, OH to participate in our first APDT Rally Trial.  We had a great time, enjoyed ourselves and made many new friends.  We (probably just me) was nervous, since, we have never practiced APDT Rally nor ever saw an APDT Event.  Toby, being the trooper that he is, worked his magic and by the time the trial was over we earned our first APDT Rally Level One Title.  He qualified in every run and had second and third place finishes.



February 2010


From Joanne Kerfonta: (Picture of Corey on the right)

Corey has been working hard visiting area nursing homes and made this picture his official Valentine for the residents to enjoy !


From Dee Farrell:

Pebbles earned her second Qualifying score in Intermediate Standard at the Teacup Dogs Agility Association trial at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center in Washingtonville, Ohio, on January 16 with a first-place finish!  On January 30 she passed the Therapy Dogs International evaluation at the Western PA Humane Society!  I'm so proud of my sweet little girl!


From Barbara Newman: (Various pictures below.)

Although Cleveland was not friendly to the Steelers on Thursday, Lori and Ben Ritchey, Sue Wray and I, along with four dogs set out for Cleveland at 5:00 am Friday morning. It was a rainy trip but the travel was uneventful.


We arrived at the Cleveland IX Center and learned Ring 4 was our home for the next 3 days and was at the furthest point from our entry, literally about a half mile away. We schlepped wet dogs, chairs, crates dog and people drinks and treats, etc. to Ring 4.


I was first in the ring everyday with a 9:00 a.m. walkthrough. For those who want a “cliff notes” version of the weekend and the results: Paula Shimko arrived Saturday with Shane for her first show ever. They qualified for 2 legs of Rally Novice taking second place on Sunday. Ben and Casey got Reserve Winners Dog in the conformation ring both days. Lori and Frances attained a new Rally Novice title qualifying all 3 days. Sue and Heidi attained a Rally Novice title plus one leg of Rally Advanced and, last but not least, my Sterling is now RE-Rally Excellent! Honorary club member, Cookie, came back from Cleveland with a new Confirmation Champion! Toni, our ever-supportive President, was there to root us on all weekend. We still hate the Browns, But Cleveland treated us well.


Keystone Canine Club has sure moved forward in our development as a fully rounded club. I am proud to be associated with all who during 2009 attained titles and qualifications in all venues of dog sports from teacup, to earth dog, conformation, obedience, rally agility, field work and just the outright uncensored love of our 4 legged partners.


Paula Shimko

Lori Ritchey, Sue Wray & Barbara Newman

Ben Ritchey


January 2010


From Dee Farrell:

On New Year’s Eve, Pebbles earned a Level 1 Handler Games Title and a Level 1 Strategy Games Title at the CPE agility trial at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center in Washingtonville, Ohio! Happy New Year!


Pebbles and I said good-bye to 2009 (a wonderful agility year for us) and welcomed the new year of 2010 with more agility competitions.  As a Christmas gift, my husband John gave us a four-day trip to Washingtonville, Ohio – not the greatest vacation spot, not the “happiest place on Earth,” but the site of a CPE agility trial; and it did turn out to be a happy place for us, as Pebbles exceeded my expectations.  Part of the gift was that John would take care of Pixie while we were away, which is probably what made it such a happy place for Pebbles – with “Mommy & Me” time at a motel (where she was a well-behaved guest) and without Pixie to bother her.


We ended the year by earning four 1st-place blue ribbons, with two of them representing Qualifying scores, one of which was actually 15 seconds under time!  As a result of those two Qs, Pebbles completed two Level 1 titles – Handler Games and Strategy Games. 


Then we started 2010 on a particularly high note.  I decided that Pebbles must have made a New Year’s resolution to stay with me on the agility course because she had four perfect runs on January 1.  Only one of those was a Qualifying score, but it was a 4th-place finish in Level 2!  The other three were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place finishes which were respectively three, six, and two seconds over time, an amazing accomplishment as far as Pebbles and I are concerned.


Just as most New Year’s resolutions seem to be, Pebbles’ was apparently short lived.  We slept in on Saturday morning, as I reasoned it was not a vacation if we didn’t sleep in at least once; so we had only three runs that day.  Even though Pebbles didn’t stay with me consistently, she did return to me two of the three times.  We ended up with a 1st-place NQ and a 3rd-place Q, again in Level 2!  I learned that news of Pebbles’ Level 1 titles had been spread at the KCTC Hair of the Dog Party on New Year’s Day, and it was easy to determine the source since a limited number of people had been informed and since I couldn’t persuade John to attend the party with Pixie.  Isn’t it fun to have friends to share our agility victories?


On the last day of the trial, Pebbles wavered between staying with me and running off on her own to investigate yet another distraction.  However, we managed to get one 1st-place NQ and two 4th-place Qs in Level 2!  So we earned a grand total of six Qs during our 16 runs, which was quite a record for us.  We ended the trial really tired but really happy and returned on Monday morning in time to say a quick “hello” to John and Pixie before going to our agility class.  There were so many enjoyable moments – earning Qs and winning ribbons and completing titles, of course – but also just being with my dog and watching her sleep on my lap as we waited for our next turn.  I also read three (fairly short) books and started a fourth over the long weekend.  (I heartily recommend Saturdays with Stella.)  And I reflected on how my life has changed.  It used to be that CPE for me represented “Continuing Professional Education” credits that I needed to earn each year to maintain my accounting certification; now I think of CPE as “Canine Performance Events.”  I definitely like this phase of my life better; it’s a lot more fun!


From Denise Letterman: 

During the December 31 through January 3 CPE trial held in Washingtonville, OH, I entered Caesar, Troy and Hector for two long days of agility competition.  This was Caesar's second agility trial and he was entered in 9 events over the 2 days.  He qualified in all 9 events with three 1st place and six 2nd place wins.  He also earned his first agility titles which were CL2-R (Standard level 2) and CL2-H (Handler level 2).  Troy was entered in 8 events and qualified in all 8 taking home two 1st, two 2nd, three 3rd, and one 4th place wins.  Troy earned his CL3-S (Strategy level 3) title on Thursday.  Hector was also entered in 8 events and qualified in all 8 taking home eight 1st place wins.  Hector also earned his CL3-S (Strategy level 3) title on Saturday.  Way to go my little boys -- that was 25 Q's out of 25 runs and 4 titles.