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December 2011


From Emil & Barb Pohodich:  On November 12, 2011 at the Splash N Dash Agility Trial, Lexi achieved her Teacup Master Agility Games Dog (TMAG), and her Teacup Agile Dog Champion (TACH) titles.  A special thank you goes out to our terrific partners Pete Sr. and Molly in the relay race.  Our combined team score for the relay race was 750 points which gave us first place along with Lexi’s TMAG and TACH.  (Picture on right)


On November 12, 2011 at the Splash N Dash Agility Trial, Sadie achieved her Teacup Master Agility Games Dog (TMAG) title.  (Picture on left)


From Dee Farrell:  While Pebbles was once again sidelined with a knee injury, Pixie was busy with agility trials in November.  At the CPE trial at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center on November 4-6, she earned six Qs in Level 2:  Snooker, Wildcard, Jumpers (1st place), Colors (1st place), and two in Standard (one 4th place).


On November 12 at Splash ‘n Dash’s TDAA trial, Pixie earned her second Q in Intermediate Standard (2nd place) and her fourth Q in Games III (thanks to her teammate Sadie).


At the CPE trial at B&D Creekside Activity Center on November 19-20, Pixie earned two Qs in Level 2 – FullHouse and Standard (both 1st place).  She also achieved her first award for next year, as she completed her Level 2 Standard title!


From Barbara Newman:  Sterling received a 196 and second place while finishing her BN Title in Delmont. This is the third title she received in a Westmoreland County Obedience Club event.  (Picture on left)


Well, all went well in Columbus - for the first time in conformation, Clare did great. At first, Onyx was a little overcome by the activity and noise - but she really came through.  (Picture on right). 


From DeAnne Orive:  Brenda (Boxer) passed her TDI test and Becky (Boston Terrier) competed in her first Teacup Agility Dog trial. She received 3 Q’s (2 games and 1 standards) with 3 blues and 1 red.  Thanks for all the support the club members gave to me (DeAnne) and Becky at the trial!


From Lynda Kuzbel:  My 12- 1/2 year old Sheltie, “Shelby " finished her TAM and TMAG titles and received her TACH title at Splash and Dash's Teacup trial on 11-13-2011. It was a real fun weekend, and we were lucky to have a lot of our Keystone Club friends there with us. We are proud to put the TACH in front of her name, TACH Kuz's Shelby Lyn.  (Pictures below)





From Tom and Phyllis Bandi:  On Nov 12, 2011 at the Splash N Dash Trial, Tom Bandi and Tiffany had a perfect run to receive her TMAG 2 (Teacup Master Agility Games II) Title. Tiffany already has her first Tach(Teacup Agile Dog Champion Title), but this title is part of her second Tach. Tom and Phyllis are proud of her accomplishments.  (Picture below)



From  Rose Nicotra:  I’m very pleased to announce that Kit Kat Nicotra competed in the Morgantown trial in November and successfully completed her runs on both Saturday and Sunday with 4 Q’s. I’m so proud of my “steady girl”, it seems that I can always count on her. My Moxie also competed in the Morgantown trial and was successful in 2 of her 4 runs. She tried so hard and ran as fast as she could and only made 1 error in 2 of her runs, otherwise they were very good. Jade, my puppy completed her intermediate agility training and “graduated” by completing a course with 19 obstacles perfectly. I’m really looking forward to her actually competing in a trial.


From Lucy McCloskey:  On Saturday and Sunday Nov. 12 and 13, 2011, Sonny and I were at Washingtonville, OH to attend an APDT Trial.  We saw friends that we have not seen since April and also some that we met last month.  It was fun and entertaining for all.    Sonny was trying to earn his second ARCHMX (Masters)Title – to do that we needed to earn 10 triple q’s.  As usual Sonny was on the mark and ready to take on the challenge.  He started this quest on July 31, 2011 and completed it on Nov. 13, 2011.  His average score over the thirty runs was 207.6 out of a possible 210.   Once again Sonny has accomplished all that I asked of him and more.  He can now have a well deserved APDT trialing rest.   His Proud Mom, Lucy   (Picture on right)


November 2011


From Laura Leonard: At KCTC’s October TDAA trial, Mimi earned 4 Q’s and placed all 4 times. She achieved her TG 2 title with 3 of those Q’s. The fourth Q was her first leg for her TG3 title.  At B&D Creekside’s October TDAA trial, Mimi earned 2 more Q’s towards her TG 3 title, placing once.


From Rose Nicotra: Kit Kat competed in the Agility trials on Oct. 22 & 23 in Zanesville, Ohio and was very successful with two double Q’s. Moxie competed also and successfully ran two of her four runs with only minor mistakes. Moxie recently achieved her Excellent B title in both Standard and Jumpers with Weaves and is also earning points towards her MACH title. We are so proud of our little rats and look forward to the competitions in Morgantown, West Virginia in November. Jade, our newest Rat Terrier, is enjoying her agility training and we’re looking forward to the day when she can also compete with her big sisters.


From Mitzie Lever: My Buddy (yes, the dog who adopted me) can now be called a Tail Waggin Tutor.  He has visited the Dormont Elementary School and been read to by over 20 First Graders.  I’m very impressed by how well these young children read!  It is heartwarming to me to see the interaction between these children and Buddy.  It is a very special time for them, and he loves the attention too!  (Picture on right)


From Dee Farrell:  At the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club’s AKC agility trial at B&D Creekside Activity Center on September 3, Pebbles earned a second-place Q in Novice FAST Preferred, while Pixie earned a second-place Q in Novice Standard and completed her Novice Agility title!  On September 10 at the TDAA trial at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center, Pebbles earned one third-place Q in Games III; and Pixie earned two Qs in Games III!


Also from Dee Farrell: At the Youngstown All-Breed Training Club’s AKC agility trial in Washingtonville on October 2, Pixie earned her first Q in Open Standard and was awarded first place!  Her bright green Q ribbon and pretty blue rosette made an otherwise dreary weekend much brighter!


On October 22 at the Parkersburg Obedience Training Club’s AKC agility trial in Zanesville, Pebbles reached our goal for the year by earning her Novice FAST Preferred title!  She also received first place.  Her green title ribbon, while not my favorite color, is beautiful!  On October 29-30 at the TDAA trial at B & D Creekside Activity Center, Pixie earned her first Q in Intermediate Standard (first place) and her third Q in Games III!


From Doree Donovan: Fiona Donovan is now a Dog Scout and has earned her backpacking badge. This is a significant achievement for her since she is leash reactive, ask some of you have witnessed in classes. She is on her way to the TX mini-camp and hopes to earn a few more badges there. Fiesty Fidos and some helpful instructors at Keystone have helped her begin to learn better behavior, thanks for all your patience.


From Elaine Kelvington: WHAT A DAY!!!  On Friday, Oct. 21 at the Laurel Highlands KA dogshow: Kelvington's Celebration O' Life aka Semper was Winner's dog and Best of Winners for his very first point! (He has had so many reserves) Not to be outdone, his sister, Kelvington's Divine Design aka Samara was Winner's bitch and Best of Opposite Sex!! It was a very exciting day!  The next day, Semper got reserve at the Upper Potomac Valley show. And on Sunday, Samara was reserve at the Upper Potomac Valley show.  Semper and Samara are out of CH. Kelvington's Elec Tri Fying aka Sony and CH Whiteoak's Dealers Choice II  aka Brett.  That gives Samara 8 points ( 1 major) all from the bred by exhibitor class. All points were breeder, owner handled. Thanks so much for listening


From Lori Ritchey:  CH Sweetbriar Anna Francesca, JH, RA, CGC, TDI (Frances) earned her RE (Rally Excellent) title in Youngstown Ohio on October 28th!



From Lucy McCloskey: (Picture above) Can you tell which one is Lad and which one is Sonny?  On Saturday October 15, 2011, I did Rally Novice Pairs with Sonny and his dad Lad. We had a great time preparing for this rally trial, meeting outside at various locations and practicing between the rain drops. It was a pleasure to work with Lad. Lad and Sonny became quite a team.  At the trial we were nervous, but since all of us are professionals, we pulled it together and did a great job. There were three teams participating and the border collie duo took first place.  What a wonderful experience this was for me, Linda, Sonny and Lad.  Here is their video


From Lucy McCloskey UPDATE: (Picture on right) Hamilton’s Mystic Lord of the Dance aka Sonny update:Saturday Nov. 5th. Sonny earned his AKC Novice Obedience Title. As usual he did a great job and his score was high enough to give him a First Place Blue Ribbon. We traveled to Stevens Point, Wisconsin to do this. Actually we are in Milwaukee visiting my daughter and her family. Elaine, Lea ,Sonny and I traveled to the trial site and enjoyed the day. What fun it was for me to have them see Sonny earn an AKC Title.



From Emil and Barbara Pohodich: (Picture above) October 29 and 30, 2011 at the TDAA trial at B & D Creekside Activity Center in Latrobe, PA, Lexi earned her Teacup Agility Master (TAM) title. She ended up with seven of nine perfect runs and “Q’s”. The judge for the event was Bud Houston, President of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA). We are so proud of Lexi and her accomplishments and all the fun we have with her.


October 2011


From Dee Farrell:



(Picture on left)


From Joanne Schreiber:  Skye Schreiber earned her Teacup Games II title at the Keystone Canine Training Club Teacup Trial on October 8th & 9th. She also earned 2 legs on her Standard Intermediate title.


From Elaine Kelvington: This weekend ( Oct.  1 and 2, 2011) at the Youngstown, Ohio All Breed Agility trials Sawyer and I qualified 3 out of our 4 runs!!! On Sunday we had our first double q since we started in Excellent B. We need 2 legs in jumps with weaves and 2 legs in Standard to complete our Master's agility titles. What an exciting weekend!

October  9, 2011, Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Winner's Bitch at the Beaver Co. Kennel Club show in Aliquippa, PA. That gives her 7 points (one major) towards her AKC championship all from the Bred by Exhibitor class. Thanks for listening.


From Rose Nicotra: My Rat Terrier “Moxie” has completed her Excellent Title and is on her way to gaining MACH points now for both JWW and Standard courses– I’m so proud of my little girl, she tries so hard to please.  (Picture on right)


From Pam Lewis:  Icey earned her 6th Masters JWW agility title in September, at the age of 13! And Crystal earned her 1st Masters JWW title, and her Open FAST title. At the Westmoreland County Rally trial on September 30th, Crystal earned her fourth Advanced & Excellent combo leg toward her RAE.  Our puppy, Laika earned her first leg in Novice Rally at the Westmoreland trial in late September.  Editor's


Note -- Congratulations to Pam and her dogs! To the best of my knowledge, Icey and Laika are the oldest (13 years) and youngest (6 months) KCTC dogs to earn an AKC title.


From Laura Leonard: Mimi & I ran in our first AKC agility trial in September. I was a nervous wreck, but Mimi was confident and eager to run. My little dog stayed right with me through the entire course, bounding over jumps and joyfully dancing at my feet as we moved through the course. It was 45 seconds of pure happiness for both of us. Letting go of all expectations and focusing on just the pleasure of running together paid off for us --- Both of Mimi’s runs were first place qualifying runs. She never ceases to amaze me! We (I) still have a lot to learn, but I couldn’t have asked for anything more from our first experience running with the big dogs.  Mimi & I would like to thank all of our KCTC friends who provided us with kind words of encouragement and support at the trial. Special thanks to Barb & Emil Pohodich for taking me under their wing and helping me through my first AKC event.


From Lucy McCloskey Sunday, September 25, 2011, Sonny earned his Rally Excellent Title. As usual he did it with style and grace. His scores for the tree legs needed for this title were 95, 98 and 98. He placed first all three times.  Thank You Sonny.


From Debbie Aheimer: Blaze ran in his first agility trial. He qualified and got first place in starter jumpers 12" at the Splash and Dash USDAA Trial in Latrobe, September 25, 2011. I'm very proud of Blaze.


From Stephanie Barber:  Lily Roe received her HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate) at the Collie Club of America Eastern Regionals on 9/25/2011.




From Dee Farrell: In addition to cheering for Pete Sr. and Molly as they completed a Perfect Weekend on their first CPE attempt at the Splash 'n Dash agility trial at PISA on August 6-7, we had some accomplishments of our own to celebrate. Pebbles earned three Qs with one 3rd-place and two 1st-place finishes! Pixie earned five Qs with one 1st-place and four 2nd-place finishes, and she also completed her Level 2 Handler Games Title!


From Doree Donovan: Faith and Doree and Sadie and Kelsey Donovan both competed in the first IMPROV obedience trial ever held in PA. Both teams earned their Novice IMPROV titles. Faith won one first place ribbon and three third place ribbons. Sadie won one first place ribbon. For information on what an IMPROV trial is like go to dogscouts.com and
look under titling.

From Pam Lewis: Crystal earned her Open FAST title over Labor Day weekend at the agility trial in Latrobe, PA.


August 2011

From Paula Shimko:  We all traveled to The Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Trial at Cheswick on July 23 – Mika, Shane, Blaze and I. Blaze acting as the cheerleader.  I hoped to title Mika in Novice Preferred Standard and did just that with a first place win. I also hoped to title Shane in Open JJW and we did that too. He has now moved to Excellent A.  I had spoken to Denise Letterman about what I could do for Shane beings that he such soft dog to speed him up and she suggested not to lead out with him, in fact, to stay right next to him. IT WORKED, He ran better than he has in a long time.  Thank you Denise.  Your invaluable advice was right on the money. Also that day I ran Shane in Novice Standard and I used the same technique with him that I did in JJW. He Q for the first time in Standard AND he came in 3rd place. Wow I was on the moon with that win. I was so proud of him because he did that for me not himself. Everybody who does agility with me knows how much he just loves the teeter…. NOT….Anyway it was a great weekend for us.



On Saturday July 30, 2011, Sonny and I were in Columbus Ohio for an APDT Rally trial. This was the day that we have been working toward. Needless to say Sonny was as calm and cool as always while his mom (me) was a nervous wreck. We were going for the BIG TITLE and I so did not want to ruin his chances.   Sonny was better than ever. Calm, collected, working hard and listening to me. What more can I ask for?  He worked purposefully toward his goal and never looked back.  His newest tittle, is ARCHMX (APDT Rally Champion Master)  He has worked very hard to make me open my heart to him and deservers all the love that I can give him. The Proud Mom!



From Lucy McCloskey:  Just wanted to give everyone a Sunny update. We have been quiet lately – just resting and enjoying the warm days and evenings. One Friday, July 15th, we drove to Westminister Maryland for an APDT Rally Trial. That was a long way to go, but we were ready for a road trip. We were there for two days and Sonny was the dog to beat. We did twelve runs and he q’ed in every run and also earned a placement rosette for every run. His lowest score was a 200 (totally my fault) and his highest score was a perfect 210, which he earned at least three times. Than to our surprise and amazement he also won the HIGH IN TRIAL AWARD. We are now just two triple q’s away from earning his APDT Rally Masters Title.   (Picture on Right)



From Dee Farrell:  I am so pleased to announce that Pixie earned her first AKC agility title, in Novice Jumps With Weaves, at the Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club’s trial at PISA on July 24, 2011. She is now “Princess Pixie O’Farrell, NAJ.


From Pam Lewis: Crystal received her AKC Therapy Dog (THD) title. She has made about 70 visits including K9er performances, library programs, and reading to kids programs. Crystal really enjoys being a Therapy Dog!(Picture on right)


From Joanne Schreiber:  Midnight Skye III received her AKC Therapy Dog title in July. Skye has been a therapy dog since 2006 and has logged nearly 100 visits. Skye is a Shetland Sheepdog. Teacup Agility is her favorite hobby.


 From Rose Nicotra:  My rat terriers, Moxie and Kit Kat went to the AKC show in Cheswick in July and ran very nicely despite the heat/air conditioning issue. Moxie made me so proud by double-“Q ing” that day, she earned a 1st place in her Excellent Standard run and ran her little legs off in the Jumpers run. Kit Kat also ran very nicely in her Jumpers run but had a little difficulty with the Standard run due to a strange set up on one of the obstacles. All in all, I’m very proud and happy with my little rats and looking forward to the day that their little sister “Jamboree Jade” can run at the shows too.



July 2011



We held TDI testing on July 6, with our first-ever KCTC TDI Evaluator, Pam Lewis.  The following KCTC handlers and dogs passed the test:  Mitzie Lever and Buddy *** Cindy Stakich and Cooper *** Craig Stakich and Cooper *** DeAnne Orive and Becky


Congratulations to our new TDI handlers and dogs!


From Mitzie Lever: I am very proud to announce that “Buddy” completed all the requirements for his Canine Good Citizen certificate at the Golden Triangle Club on Saturday, June 18, 2011.  And on Wednesday, July 6 at the Keystone Canine Club, he passed all the requirements for his Therapy Dogs International title.  Buddy is the mixed breed dog who “found” me back in July of 2010.  He has come a long way from living on that farm in North Strabane Township. (Picture on right.)


From Rose Nicotra:  Kit Kat double Q’d at the Cheswick trial in June despite an error or two on my part and gained more MACH points.  I swear that dog reads my mind.  I’m so proud of my beautiful little Rat Terrier.


From DeAnne Orive:  I just attended “Bushy Run Kennel Club, Inc. AKC Show, Sunday July 3, 2011. Becky and I did the Rally Novice Class A our first AKC rally show.  She received a score of 97 out of 100. She qualified and won a blue ribbon.


From Linette Evancic:  Lexie and I (Green and Greener) attended our first show on June 23rd, 2011 at the Greene County Fairgrounds.  I’m proud to say Lexie received her first qualifying score in Rally Novice A.   It was a great way to celebrate her third birthday – what a present! (Picture on right.)


From Elaine Kelvington:  On June 24 at the Mountaineer Kennel Club Show, Samara, our sable and white Brett x Sony daughter was Winner's bitch for her first point from the Bred by exhibitor class.  Sharisse, our blue Chet x Sony daughter was reserve winner's bitch.


Also from Elaine Kelvington: On June 25,  at the South Hills Kennel Club Show, Sharisse aka Kelvington's Dancing 'N Moonlite, our blue  Chet x Sony daughter was Winner's Bitch for another 2 points.  That puts her at 11 points one major.


From Bonnie McKeown:  I am pleased to announce that Ian IV got his 3rd leg and title for Rally Novice A. He is an RN now.  I will ask him for some medical advice!  Aiden was in la-la land and got a NQ.  I think he was in Ohio and I was in PA.  But now I know where I have to train with him.  It is called  ATTENTION.


Also from Bonnie McKeown: On July 1 in Vandergrift, Pa, Aiden got his third leg, his title and was in first place in Novice Rally B.  He is an RN now!


From Lisa Paciorek:  On June 6, 2011 Ellie ( Her Majesty Queen Alice CDX GN RA) &  Simon (CH Sunwoods Simon Sez Rom *) Gave birth to 6 healthy puppies.  3 girls and 3 boys. All healthy and doing great!


Ellie’s Puppies


Pam Lewis:  Critique's Magical Crystal (Crystal) got her Excellent Standard A Preferred and Excellent Jumpers A Preferred titles at the Three Rivers Sheltie trial the weekend of June 18th & 19th.  (Picture on right.)


From Dee Farrell:  At the Splash ‘n Dash CPE agility trial on June 4-5, Pebbles earned two Qualifying scores and her Level 2 Fun Games Title!  Pixie earned four Qualifying scores and her Level 1 Fun Games Title and Handler Games Title!  They were all first-place finishes except in Level 2 Colors, where the girls both competed and where Pixie finished in second place while Pebbles was in first.  Pixie completed all of Level 1 in CPE in her first 2½ trials!  On June 19 (John’s birthday), at the Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club AKC agility trial, Pixie earned her second Qualifying score in Novice JWW with a first-place finish 




LAIKA  (Picture on left.)


From Pam Lewis:  Icey celebrated her 13th birthday by earning a Q in her JWW Excellent B agility run at Cheswick over Memorial Day weekend.  And Laika (our new pup) rooted for her all the way!


From Dee Farrell: The Princesses O’Farrell enjoyed the merry month of May at agility trials each weekend!  On May 7 Pixie had fun competing in a Mock Trial at You Go Little Dog and getting some good practice for her AKC debut.  May 14-15 was Pixie’s first AKC agility trial at the beautiful new B&D Creekside Activity Center in Latrobe.  She earned three Qs that weekend:  two in Novice Standard with a 2nd-place and a 1st-place finish and one in Novice JWW with a 1st-place finish!  On May 21-22 we competed in a CPE trial at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center in Washingtonville, Ohio.  Pebbles earned two Qs in Level 2, one in Jackpot (3rd place) and one in Standard (2nd place), and also earned her Level 2 Strategy Games Title!  Pixie earned three Qs in Level 1 – one in Jackpot (3rd place), one in Standard (2nd place), and one in Snooker (3rd place) – and her first two titles in Level 1 – Standard and Strategy Games!  Two days of the Memorial Weekend were spent at PISA at the GTOTC AKC trial, where we didn’t earn Qs but had lots of fun.  The girls were tired at the end of May but should be ready for more agility trials in June!


From Tom and Phyllis Bandi: April 2011 was a month of milestones for the Yorkshire Terrier, Tiffany owned by Tom and Phyllis Bandi.  On April 10 she received her TMAG (Teacup Master Agility Games) title in Washingtonville, OH.  Then April 21st was Tiffany’s 12th birthday.  We celebrated not only the happiness she has brought into our lives, but also the pleasure she has brought to the lives of countless others through her many therapy dog visits. AND on April 30, 2011 she received her TAM (Teacup Agility Master) and TACH (Teacup Agility Champion) title at Keystone Canine Training Club’s Trial.  (Picture on right.)


From Emil and Barb Pohodich: At the May 28-30 trial in Cheswick, Lexi Received  2- first place ribbons and 1- second place ribbon. She received her Novice jumpers title and has 1 leg in open jumpers. She has 2 legs in open standard. We enjoyed the time with Lexi and our friends at Keystone. We are proud of our little poodle and her accomplishments.


From Paula Shimko:  Mika, Shane and I spent our Memorial Day doing Agility . Mika came in 1st twice with perfect scores in Novice preferred JJW and Standard.  She was on fire, my girl was. She had a great time running and didn’t miss a beat. Cindy Noland took a picture of her in mid- air with the biggest grin on her face which I will share later, of course. I do like to brag on my doggie’s because they work hard to please me.  Shane came in 2nd place in Open jumpers. Unfortunately he did not Q in Standard, but he did fly up the teeter which freaked him out so he refused the tunnel . He also got sort of stuck in chute which didn’t help. I am extremely proud of him because he has come a long way and I don’t doubt he will Q in Standard next trial  (KEYSTONE CANINE TRAINING CLUB).


From Paula Shimko:  Introducing.. ..Chasing Angels in a Blaze of Glory…. aka Blaze Shimko. Due to arrive in Pittsburgh, Pa June 12, 2011.  (Picture on right.)


From Dave and Sue Wray:  At the Clarion, PA dog show on April 23, 2011 Heidi took a 3rd place on Saturday and got her excellent rally title.  On Sunday she Q’ed in both advanced and excellent rally to get her 1st leg toward her RAE – only 9 more to go.  Gus got 2 legs in beginner novice with a 3rd and 4th place.  He also titled in rally novice with a score of 97.  (Picture on right)


From Elaine Kelvington: At the 2011 New Castle Memorial Day cluster:

On Thursday, May 26 at the Laurel Highlands Kennel Club show, Sharisse aka Kelvington's Dancing 'N Moonlite was Winner's Bitch and Semper aka Kelvington's Celebration O' Life was Reserve Winner's Dog.  That gives Sharisse 9 points (one major). 


On Sunday, May  29 at the Trumbell Co. Kennel Club show,  Sharisse was Reserve Winner's Bitch. (major reserve) So close.    


On Monday, May  30 at the New Castle Kennel Club show,  Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Reserve Winner's Bitch.


From Lisa Paciorek: Ellie got a 4th in advanced rally and titled.  Her Majesty Queen Alice now has her CDX, RA, GN.




May 2011


From Becky Sims:  On April 9, Remy with the help from his proud teammate (”mom”) Becky Sims earned his Novice JWW and Novice Standard titles at the Mountaineer Kennel Club Agility Trial earning first place ribbons in both. The next day, we moved to open and qualified in both JWW and Standard also with first place ribbons.  (Picture on right.)


From Dee Farrell:  I am so pleased to announce that Pebbles earned her Games III title at the TDAA trial at Washingtonville, Ohio, on April 10. I was also delighted to have the privilege of awarding Tom Bandi and Tiffany their Teacup Master Agility Games title ribbon at the same event. It was one of the best days ever!  I am also pleased to announce that Pixie earned her Games II title at the KCTC trial in May.

From Terry Younkins:  Strongbow Eli's Coming CD, RA, CGC(Eli) and Ezekiel's Bold Vision CD, RA, CGC, JHV (Zeke) both finished their Rally Advanced Titles at the Youngstown All Breed Show on April 8th. Eli had a 198 on all three legs. Really consistent.
From Emil and Barb Pohodich:  Lexi made her debut at her first AKC agility trial in Morgantown W.V. April 9th and 10th. She had 2 qualifying runs in Novice standard coming in second on Saturday and first on Sunday. We are very proud of her accomplishment.


From Laura Leonard:  Mimi surprised me at the TDAA trial held at KCTC during the weekend of April 30. Not only did she earn her first Q, but she went on to earn her first Games title. She exceeded my wildest dreams! While I am proud that she earned her first title, the best part of the weekend was watching her enjoy running, and seeing her so happy at the finish line. Now if we could only conquer the teeter…
My heartfelt thanks go out to all of the trainers who have so patiently worked with us. I am so proud of my dog and so grateful for our trainers’ support and encouragement.

From Barbara Newman:  In the wee hours of Tuesday, April 26th, Sterling gave birth to 5 shelties. The proud father - Copper- hid. The break down is 3 bitches - a blue merle, a black and a sable merle and the dogs we both sable merles. All weighed in at about 10 ounces. All are well; Sterling is proud and tied up continually feeding. Updates will follow........  (Picture on right.)

From Doree Donovan: Kevin and Doree Donovan attended a canine search and rescue training in Istanbul, Turkey on Easter Sunday. Twelve people and eleven dogs from three different search and rescue teams attended. Four spoke English very well; several of the others understood a fair amount of English. The dogs did not have any issues with the language differences, they enjoyed the game. We watched a German TV show on how scent behaves. At the end of the day they asked for comments from Doree, who has been training disaster search dogs for 10 years. We exchanged team T-Shirts and patches and ended the day with a barbeque.
Doree is part of a non-profit organization, ERK9 that went to Turkey in 2002 to help train search dogs and their handlers to FEMA standards for disaster situations. Doree and her 10 year old Border Collie Faith recently passed an air scent certification held in Cooks Forest by the North American Search Dog Network. Faith and had thirty minutes to search 6.6 acres but Faith completed the task in just over two minutes, receiving the maximum number of points in the test. Faith is also certified with FEMA as a disaster search dog.

From Rose Nicotra:  I was so excited to see Kit Kat, my 4 year old rat terrier win a 3rd place at the Morgantown agility trial and a double “Q” for the day. I was very happy with her and am looking forward to our next trial.

From Lucy McCloskey:  While everyone was busy at our Teacup Trial, (Sonny isn’t a teacup dog) we traveled to Washingtonville, Ohio to an APDT Rally Trial.  This was one of our best rally trials to date.  We did 12 runs in two days. He earned too many placements to list.  Out of the 12 runs he had 6 perfect scores of 210 and no score lower than 201.  He earned 3 Titles - the most important one is his ARCHEX - APDT Rally CHamponion EXtraordinaire.  Now we can start on our quest for his APDT Rally Master Title. I am very proud of my handsome furry friend and companion.


From Lisa Paciorek: Her Majesty Queen Alice CDX GN RA (Ellie) has earned her Rally Advance Title at the Clarion Canine Obedience Club on Sunday April 24, 2011.   She did a great job and I am very proud of my little girl.


From Lucy McCloskey: The weekend of April 15th found Pam Lewis and me, along with our dogs Crystal & Sonny, traveling to Chattanooga, Tennessee to compete in our first Canine Freestyle Federation Competition. We each had a single dance routine and we also had a duet (pairs) synchronized routine. Everyone there was very nice and friendly.  


On Saturday, Pam and Crystal did a great job, even though they were the first to compete and did not know exactly what to expect. Sonny and I did our dance and everyone seemed to like that too. And our duet had the judges laughing! We won placement ribbons, but our scores were not quite high enough to title.  


On Sunday, we had a better idea of what we needed to do and were ready to put on our show. Pam and Crystal did great, the duet again had everyone smiling, and Sonny and I did our best again. We all won placement ribbons again, and Sonny and I earned a high enough score to receive a title – CFF II.  


It was an interesting learning experience, and we were very pleased with how our dogs performed. CFF only has two titling events per year. We're hoping the next opportunity is closer to home. We enjoyed the leisurely (but long) drive home on Monday, with some sightseeing and shopping along the way. (Pictures below)



Congratulations to Bandi's Tiffany on earning the

Teacup Master Agility Games title on April 10, 2011,

at Washingtonville, Ohio!

Pictured are Judge Darla Annonio, Owner/Handler Tom Bandi, and Bandi's Tiffany TMAG.



April 2011


From  Lori Ritchey: Gernie Ritchey earned his Rally Novice RN title at the Ashtabula, Ohio show on March 19th. (Picture on right)


From Dee Farrell: Facing the prospects of snow, interstate closures, and losing an hour of sleep due to the return of Daylight Saving Time, our family headed to Washingtonville, Ohio, on March 11 for Pixie’s first “big-dog” agility trial.  The snow didn’t arrive, and the interstate closure was not too disruptive to our plans.  We did miss the hour of sleep, but the girls and I made up for that after our fun weekend at the CPE trial.  Pixie was officially measured at 9.25” and began her adventures in CPE with a run in Jackpot.  She got enough points in the opening but didn’t get the gamble because she wasn’t used to working at a distance.  Pebbles did get the gamble but not enough points, so between them they had a good run.  Then Pixie tried a Standard run.  She had been hesitant about the A-frame sometimes, and I was only about 40% sure that she would do it.  It took four approaches, but she made it over the A-frame successfully before running out of time.  She did much better on Saturday, earning a 3rd-place Qualifying score in Standard (no problem with the A-frame) and a 2nd-place Q in Colors.  We were so happy that she had two Qs in her first five runs.  Then her personal chauffeur took her home, and Pebbles and I stayed for the rest of the weekend.  Due to an earlier soft tissue injury, Pebbles was not feeling up to par that weekend; but she still managed to earn a 1st-place Q in Colors, and she missed a Q in Jumpers by only three seconds.  She also had fun visiting with friends, having “mommy and me” time, and getting extra treats.  We love agility!


From Pam Lewis: Crystal earned her Novice FAST agility title at Morgantown, VW, on April 10.  And Icey earned two more legs towards her 5th Masters JWW agility title


From Paula Shimko:  Mika, Shane and I headed for Ashtabula, Ohio to title in Advanced Rally in one weekend. We accomplished this task with a 3rd place ribbon and 2 very pretty title ribbons. We are now going after our Excellent titles.  There were quite a few Keystone members at this trial and everyone seemed to be succeeding in making our club look good! Congratulations to Barb and Copper for their title in Novice and also congratulations to Lorie and Gerny for their Novice title in Rally. (Picture on right)


From Elaine Kelvington: Sawyer  aka CH Kelvington’s Talisman CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, OF, HT, VCX, TDI, CGC qualified in jww at the YABTC agility trial on March  20, 2011 for his 7th leg towards his Master’s title.


March 2011


From Paula Shimko:  On February 5, Mika, Shane and I headed for the Washington County Fairgrounds for the Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Specialty Show. Mika placed first winning the blue ribbon in Novice Rally; but, alas Shane did not perform so well and did not qualify in Advance Rally. I guess he wanted to let Mika shine for once. That’s what I like to tell myself anyway.  Sunday was a much better day for Shane.  In Advance Rally, he placed third winning a ribbon and his 2nd leg. Mika placed first once again on Sunday winning a blue ribbon as well as a title in Novice Rally.  All in all it was a good weekend and it was so much fun watching all those gorgeous Shelties in conformation. It’s a wonder I didn’t come home with a new puppy because I sure was tempted! (Picture on right)



From Rose Nicotra: We have a new addition to our home, “Jade” is the niece of my rat terriers Kit Kat and Moxie.  She’s 3 months old and destined to compete in agility.  I’m sure she’s going to love it.  So far, I’ve found that she’s a very quick learner. (Picture on right)



February 2011


From Terry Younkins: Strongbow Eli's Coming (Eli) earned his CD at the Erie Kennel Club Show on January 29th, 2011. 


From Pam Lewis: Crystal earned her Open Preferred Standard and JWW titles at the agility trial in Edinboro in January. 

Lucy McCloskey:
Sonny and I traveled to Columbus Ohio on Sunday January 23 to perform in ARF’s  (Agility and Rally for Fun) APDT Rally Trial.  Sonny had a great time and I enjoyed seeing my Columbus Friends. 

We are on a quest for our ARCHEX Title.  We did two trials which consisted of four runs total.  Sonny earned two first place and two second place ribbons.  His scores were 207, 204, 206 and he earned his first perfect score of 210.  After such a wonderful performance, Sonny slept, while I happily drove home. We now have two double Q’s.  We only need 8 more.


January 2011


From Pam Lewis: Crystal earned her Rally Excellent title at the Cleveland IX trial in December.


From Dee Farrell:  Pebbles ended her 2010 "roller-coaster" year of agility by earning her first Q in Standard Level 2 at the CPE trial at Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center in Washingtonville, Ohio, on December 31.  She began 2011 with her first Q in Jumpers Level 2 on January 1 and a Q in Snooker Level 2 on January 2.  Her Qualifying scores were accompanied by finishes in 1st, 4th, and 2nd places, respectively.  We are anticipating a great year of agility in 2011 and wish the same for our fellow agility enthusiasts!  (Picture on right)


From Mitzie Lever: Buddy, the stray who found me back on July 3, 2010 has completed his first Basic I Obedience class with Marian Roznowski.  We are now onto Basic Obedience II and then CGC. My goal with Buddy is to do therapy work.  He is really a sweet dog and I’m sure he has found his new home.