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Brags from 2009 - 2010 - 2011



September 2012

Blaze is now a Dog Scout having completely the required testing. He also earned his Manners Badge and his Backpacking Badge. We had such a good time and look forward to participating with our fellow Dog Scouts again in the near future. Anyone interested in joining Troop 189 should because it was an absolute blast.

HAMILTON’S MYSTIC LORD OF THE DANCE – AKA – SONNY Sonny and I participated in the first Western PA APDT trial held at Keystone Canine Training Club.  We had a great time doing what Sonny does best in front of his peers.  He had one of the best trial scores ever.  We did all four trials and all three levels – 12 runs in total - and he earned 12 first place rosettes.   He earned his Third ARCH Master’s title.  It was so nice to earn it in his home field among his friends.  We are eagerly waiting for Splash n Dash’s APDT trial on Nov. 3rd & 4th.

On September 9, 2012, Beau Jangles, aka – Beau, at six months old, participated in his First Trial, which was the First APDT Trial held at KCTC.  Beau is my rescue puppy that I have been working with for the past two months.  He has made great strides and been a good little trooper through his clicker training.   In his first trial, Beau placed Second with a score of 204.  In the second trial, he placed First with a score of 205.  Beau now has two qualifying scores toward the Puppy Level title.  I’m proud of my little rescue puppy.   Linette

This August Doree Donavan invited Lynda Kuzbel and I (Paula) to go camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. First we had to join the Dog Scouts of American though. I haven’t been camping in 20 years, but dog camp now that I had to check out. It was the one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Every day there were many activities to choose from in order to earn badges just like the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts. There was trie-ball, swimming, canoeing, fly- ball, nose work, freestyle obedience dancing, and impromptu obedience. There was also a camp fire every night and a best doggie costume parade. It was just a super good time with really great people. Oh I forgot, backpacking in the mountains

Logan DSA graduated from Cadet to earning his Dog Scout Badge along with also earning his Puppy Paddler, Nose Discrimination and Backpacking Badges at the Dog Scout Camp August 16-19 2012.  We had a great time with Doree ( Faith ), Paula ( Blaze ) who also earned several badges along with Doree helping to train alot of teams NoseWork and Trieball.

MY collie, Sara, finally received her TDI recognition for her first 50 visits. I received a certificate and pin for her TDIA title Thank you, Caroline

Skye Schreiber earned her TSAD title at the B & D Creekside August Teacup Agility  Trial.  Skye is an 8 year old Shetland Sheepdog.

My collie bitch, Tartanside Cadence (Llly Rose) was rated in the Top Ten Obedience Collies listing for 2011 and first quarter 2012.  She is listed as No. 8.  Lily is now relaxing, having been bred this past weekend and hopefully if breeding takes will have a litter due the third week of October. Thanks, Stephanie Barber

Rocky earned his TBAD title in agility at B&D Creekside on Sunday August 26,2012.  Little legs were traveling fast this weekend. He started the weekend on Saturday with a second place Q in TG2 games.  Sunday he ran for two First Place's with two Q's in his standard runs.   I'm having lots of fun with my little guy!

This weekend (Sept 1-3) Sawyer and I were in the Westmoreland Co.Agility trials.  We got our 8th double q on Sunday.  On Monday we qualified in jwws to earn our Master's Jumpers Bronze title.   He was really running fast and seemed so happy to be out and about doing agility.  It was great to be out running with him.   He sure isn't happy when we are doing conformation shows, and he stays home. Thanks for listening. Elaine


The day started off with lightning, thunder and a cloudburst of rain.  It didn't get much better as the rain continued most of the day! But we are smiling because Saintonio was Winner's dog and Best of Winners for his first major today  at the Altoona shows at Ebensburg.  That gives him 4 points (1 major).  And boy was I glad to get home to change. Everything is wet.  Thanks for listening. Elaine

The Aheimer Boyz have been busy this past month. We tried our hand/paw at Novice Rally at a 2 day Cavalier Specialty in New York. Blaze earned 2 second places in Novice Rally only to be out done by his little brother Jackson. Jackson got 2 first places and took highest scoring Rally dog at the trial. He won this beautiful plate with to Cavaliers painted on it. Blaze is now in Excellent B JWW. He earned his first Q toward his Master Jumpers title. Jackson earned his Excellent B JWW title with a first place and 2 Q’s towards his Excellent A Standard title with a first and second place at B&D Activity Center over Labor Day weekend. I was also excited because he double Q’d in both Standard and Jumpers, which proved to me that he can do it. He earned 13 points in Excellent B JWW. Debbie Aheimer

A DOG WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE:  This is not exactly a brag, but a short story about how our dog Crystal made a difference in a little girl’s outlook on dogs.  Our niece, her husband, and their two daughters (ages 3 and 1) recently visited us from out of town.  The 3-year old, Serena, was very afraid of dogs after being viciously barked at by a dog in their neighborhood.  When she arrived, we explained that we had a dog but that she was very different from her neighborhood dog because she was VERY friendly and liked little girls.  Of course Serena wasn’t too sure about this, but we let her see Crystal lying very calmly in our back yard.  Then we slowly walked her out to see Crystal, who (as we expected) did not react and played the part of a Therapy dog perfectly!  We eventually convinced Serena to more closely approach Crystal, then lightly pet Crystal, and finally give her a hug! By the end of the weekend, she and Crystal became fast friends. Serena would sit on the floor next to Crystal and “pant” just like Crystal was doing and then ask “why does she do that?” Crystal exemplified her Therapy dog training by calming a 3-year old who was very afraid of dogs.  She will not earn a Q ribbon for this accomplishment, but we are very proud knowing that she made a big difference in Serena’s attitude toward dogs. Pam Lewis and Dan Goldber


August 2012


Keeper received her first leg in Novice Rally at the Nita-Nee Kennel Club Trial in Centre Hall Pa on July 21, she came in first place and also won $10. Thanks, Betty Camus and Keeper  (Picture on left)


Faith and Doree Donovan recertified as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) K9 US&R team on June 9, 2012 in Massachusetts. This is their third and last certification because Faith is 11 years old and will retire by 2014. Faith and Doree first certified as a FEMA K9 team in 2006 in Denver, CO. There are 255 Nationally Certified Disaster Canine Search Teams in the United States which belong to 28 FEMA US&RTask Forces. When a disaster event warrants national Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) support, FEMA will deploy task forces. The role of these task forces is to support state and local emergency responders' efforts to locate victims and manage recovery operations. Canine search teams play a critical role during structural collapse incidents. The canines help search teams to locate victims, using their incredible sense of smell to detect live human scent, even from a victim buried deep in the rubble. Each canine/handler team must pass rigorous national certification in urban search and rescue. Canine/ handler teams must be recertified every three years in order to participate in search and rescue operations.


I’m so proud to announce that my puppy “Jade” who received her first two AKC titles - Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard and is very close to receiving her Open Standard title too. We’re really so pleased with our baby “rat”. Rose Marie Nicotra


Rocky earned a 1st place qualifying score in teacup games 2 (intermediate level) on 7/29/12 at B & D Creekside. It was the game of Quidditch and he needed 120 points in a 60 second time frame and he crushed it with 265 points in 51.64 seconds. MY little guy is working hard and I'm very a very happy Yorkie Mom. Thanks to Dee, Tom, Phyllis, Emil & Barb for their help and encouragement!  (Picture on right)


Friday the 13th turned out to be a  very lucky day at the Grand River, Madison, OH dog show. We are so happy to announce that Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design wasWinner's Bitch, BOW and Best of Breed over the 2 specials today!!!! Such exciting news! That gives her another 2 points. All of her points were awarded from the Bred by Exhibitor class. We need one more point to finish her championship. Her half brother, Saintonio was reserve Winner's dog. ( His first reserve.) And to make it even more special, Dave drove me to the show this morning and was there to see the win! Samara is out of CH Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice II (Brett) and CH Kelvington's Elec Tri Fying. (Sony)




Today (Aug. 2) at Canfield, (Fort Stueben Kennel Club Show) Saintonio, aka Kelvington's Tried 'N True was Winner's Dog for his very first point. AND Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex to finish her championship! What an exciting day! That gives Sony, their dam, three champions to date and 3 with minor points. Thanks for letting us brag. Elaine


On Sunday, July 29th at B&D Creekside Activity Center our two little Yorkies had a perfect day of competition.


Amber Star had four agility runs with four qualifying scores and four first place ribbons.  (Picture on left)


Tiffany had four runs with four qualifying scores and one second place ribbon. Tiffany also earned her TAM4 (Teacup Agility Master) title and her TMAG4 (Teacup Master Agility Games) title.


Once again we are so proud of our dogs. They enjoy agility to it’s fullest! Tom and Phyllis Bandi


Congratulations to Blaze and Jackson Aheimer. Blaze earned his Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves title at the Tamarack Agility Trial at Conneaut Lake Bark Park.


Jackson earned his Open Standard Agility title at the same trial. This was their first outdoor show. There were thunder storms and tornado warnings all around, but they buckled up their collars and finished their titles. I’m so proud of my boyz! Debbie Aheimer  (Picture below)


Mimi Q'd in Games at B&D's teacup trial on July 28. Six more Q's to go.... Thanks, Laura Leonard


Aiden Mist owned by Bonnie McKeown got his first leg in Standard 2 Teacup Agility on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at B & D Creekside Activity Center. He placed second. He also got a qualifying score in Games 1 in Four Leaf Clover placing first.



July 2012


Sara, our rough collie just completed her 50 visits to Nursing Facilities for Therapy Dogs International. Caroline Chapman


Samara, aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Winner's bitch from the Bred By Exhibitor class today (June 24th) for her second major!!! That gives her 12 points all breeder, owner handled and all from the Bred by class. What a wonderful 40th wedding anniversary present! Thanks for listening to our happy news!.Elaine Kelvington


We would like to share that our puppy Heidi, a long haired miniature dachshund, won her rookie division race at the 8th Annual Wiener 100 race at Kennywood Park on Sunday, July 1! With support from Kennywood Park, the Pittsburgh Dachshund Lovers group plans a day of fun races each year. There are four races; dogs under 12 pounds, dogs over 12 pounds, Rookies (that have never raced before) and the Race of Champions. All competitors have to be full dachshunds (no mixed breeds allowed). Heidi, just over a year old, participated in the Rookie race with 6 other dogs, and crossed the finish line first! Heidi has taken puppy obedience, and three sessions so far with Amy and Sharon in Puppy Agility classes. Virginia Weida


June 2012


Corey has received his AKC Therapy Dog Title this week. Corey loves going to the nursing home and has gotten to know some of the residents quit well over the last four years. Alot of them refer to Corey as "here comes my dog" and he responds with an enthusiastic tag wag! Corey and I enjoy therapy dog work and will continue with it as long as we can. I've attached a picture of my sweet boy too! (Picture on right)


6-10-12 B&B Creekside TDAA Trial - Rockford Thomas aka "Rocky" got three 1st places and three Q's. He also earned his Games 1 Agility title. Rocky has made his mother Joanne Kerfonta very proud with all his hard work.


On May 13, 2012 at the Four Seasons K-9 Athlete Center, Inc. in Washingtonville, Ohio, Aiden Mist won his TBAD (TDAA beginner’s title in Teacup Agility). He also qualified in beginners’ games in Jumpers and Super Dog. The enclosed photo shows the ribbon that Aiden Mist won on his first leg. Mom (Bonnie McKeown) was over the top with joy at his achievement. Thanks, Bonnie (Picture on left)


Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Best ofWinners at the Grter Clarksburg WV K C show on May 18 (Friday) for one more point. That puts her up to 9 points (and one major).


Today ( May 20) Sawyer qualified in standard agility at the WCOTC trial in Latrobe. He got 6 mach points. His jww runs this weekend were beautiful, but 2 seconds overtime. So close. Thanks for listening. Elaine Kelvington


Skye Schreiber earned her Games III title in Teacup Agility on Mothers Day at Washingonville. Skye is an 8 year old Shetland Sheepdog.


Brags from Emil and Barb Pohodich: The weekend of April 28 and 29th at Keystone Canine Club, Lexi was top overall dog for the trial for qualifying 10 for 10 for the weekend. She earned 4 first, 4 second, and 2 third place finishes. She also received her TMAG 2 ( Teacup Master Agility Games ) title. Sadie also qualified in 2 more standard runs to close in on the requirements for her first Tach. Then on May 5 and 6th at B&D Creekside Activities Center in Latrobe, Lexi earned 8 qualifying scores with 2 first, 1 second, and 5 third place finishes. Lexi earned her TAM 3 ( Teacup Agility masters) title and her TACH 2 ( Teacup Agile Champion) title. In AKC agility, Sadie has moved up to Excellent A in both Standard and Jumpers. She also received her Novice fast title in the Westmoreland trial and is now in Open fast. We love our dogs and are so proud of their accomplishments in both Teacup and AKC agility. (Picture on right)


Mimi earned a first place Q in games at KCTC’s Teacup trial in April. At B&D Creekside’s Teacup trial in May, she earned another Q in Games. At WCOTC’s AKC trial in May, she had 2 runs, and both were first place Q’s. The first Q earned her a Novice jumpers title. Q’s are great, but I’m most proud of her for her recent accomplishment in class --- trying the teeter. And then wanting to try it again! And again! Many thanks to our instructor, Emil Pohodich, for his help in accomplishing this breakthrough that I’ve waited on for years. Laura M. Leonard


Tiffany and Amber Star On Saturday, May 12th in Washingtonville, Ohio, our Yorkshire Terrier Tiffany had 4 qualifying scores with 2 third place ribbons. Little Amber Star showed her big sister she can run too. Amber had 4 qualifying scores with 4 first place ribbons. On Sunday, June 10th at B&D Creekside Activity Center, Tiffany had 3 Q’s. Amber Star had 4 Q’s with 4 first place ribbons. She also earned her TAM2 (Teacup Agility Master) title We are so proud of our little ones! Tom and Phyllis Bandi


Blaze and Jackson have been busy this past month. Blaze earned his Open Jumpers with Weaves title and has one Q in Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves. Jackson also earned his Open Jumpers with Weaves title and also has one Q in Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves.Jackson also earned his Novice Standard Agility Title this month. Their mom is very proud of their hard work and dedication to the sport! Debbie Aheimer




May 2012


Sawyer and I earned our 6th QQ and 13 mach points Friday , April 20th, at Parkersburg Obedience Training Club agility trial. The courses were tough so it was even more exciting to qualify. Saturday, Sawyer must have heard that the photographer was taking his picture. He was very creative doing the standard course. He did all of the difficult areas with ease, but made up other things for the easier parts of the course. We did qualify in the jwws course. We had fun. We also took Solomon along for the ride. He thinks agility is great. Where else do treats fall from heaven into his crate? LOL


Sunday, April 22, Solomon and I were entered at the Clarion Obedience trial in beginner novice. We qualified and got a 191 1/2 score. Since I don't do obedience very often, it was nerve-wracking. I was very happy that we qualified. What an exciting weekend. Thanks for letting us brag. Elaine


Butler Dog Training Association Obedience Trial I am very happy to report that Solomon got his second Beginners Novice leg today (April 28) with a score of 196 1/2 and a 2nd place ribbon as well! Needless to say, I was very proud of him. And he was probably relieved that I didn't mess him up today! LOL The ride home seemed much shorter! Here is a picture of Solomon and I finishing his BN (Beginner Novice Obedience) title at the Butler Dog Training Association Obedience Trial on April 29. Now, doesn't he look smarter and so obedient? VBG He did a great job! Elaine Kelvington (Picture on right)


Brandy earned her teacup beginner agile dog title on 3/24 at B & D Creekside with a first place for her final Q. She also earned her first Q in beginner games. Thanks Amy Sandhagen


Skye Schreiber, the Shetland Sheepdog, earned two Qs in Games 3 and 1 Q in Standard Superior at the Keystone Teacup Trial in April.


On Easter weekend, Copper finished his AKC Rally Advanced title in Youngstown. By the time it came time to compete in obedience, Copper revised the sit to an exhausted done and disqualified. Sterling, Onyx and I are proud of Coppers accomplishment. Copper Solomon (Picture on right)


My young dog, “Jamboree Jade” entered her first AKC show in April in Morgantown, WV and surpassed my hopes for success. She received two First Place ribbons in her standard runs and a 3rd Place in the JWW. We are so proud of our “Baby Ratitatt” and hope to continue her agility training and showing until she reaches the levels of her sisters, Moxie and Kit Kat. Both Moxie and Kit Kat had double Q’s that weekend – GO RATS! Rose Nicotra


Mika and I participated in the April CPE trial at B&D Activity Center and came home with 9 Q and 9 blue ribbons. We would have had 10, but you all know how that story goes. We had a wonderful time with our friends both human and canine. For those of you who do not do CPE you should consider it. It is lots and lots of fun. Paula Shimko


Diesel competed in our KCTC Teacup Trial the weekend April 28 and 29, and he did better than I could have ever asked for. He had seven qualifying scores with five first place ribbons, two second place ribbons, and a third place ribbon. He also earned his Standard Beginner Title, his Games 1 title, and his TBAD (Teacup Basic Agility Dog) title. I'm so proud of my little guy for his amazing weekend! Janine Smith


Blaze and Jackson Aheimer both finished their AKC Novice Jumpers title on April 21 and 22 in Buffalo, New York. May 5 and 6, Jackson got 2 Q’s toward his open jumpers title and Blaze got 1 Q toward Open jumpers.


Hi, this is John and Nicole Elachko. We finally have something to truly brag about Sydney, our Australian shepherd, other than be the bestest dog ever, lol just kidding. Over the past month Sydney had a herding instinct evaluation in Ohio. We are pleased to report she took to it like a fish in water. After 30 seconds or less she figured out just what to do. The evaluator, Kathy Allen, remarked how well she did and even stepped it up and provided a lesson with rules and boundaries. She stated that while herding dogs usually have the instinct as soon as the ground rules are laid out some do not respond. Not Our Little Sydney, she was ready to do her job with the outlined rules. What a remarkable experience, needless to say we will be developing this area further.


Also on April 29, Sydney was evaluated by the folks at Children's Hospital to provide therapy for the children there. While already being TDI and CGC certified the hospital requires a furthered level of obedience and temperament. The vet remarked that usually dogs at Sydney's age, a year and a half, do not typically pass this test due to still being in puppyhood. However this was not the case. Sydney passed with flying colors and they are excited to have her as a member for many years to come bringing some much needed respite for the children being cared for at the hospital.


Thanks for the great instruction to KCTC trainers in helping us have one of the greatest dogs we have ever personally known. We are so happy and proud to be members. John and Nicole Elachko


Kona earned her Level 1 Certification with the United States Mantrailing Association on April 22, 2012. She is now qualified as a search and rescue canine and can respond to emergency calls. Ed and Kona passed the certification at a three day seminar sponsored by the Fayette County Sheriff Department Search and Rescue group. Certification included completing aged trails in urban and wilderness settings with contamination and scent discrimination for identifying the correct subject. One day of testing was completed in downtown Uniontown with constant rain. Kona did an awesome job for her first certification attempt. Ed and Kona work with White Oak Search and Rescue. Ed and Donna Barr (Picture on right)


April 2012

From Pam Lewis:  Laika celebrated her first birthday by earning her RN (Rally Novice) title at a trial in Cleveland on March 10. And Crystal earned her MXP (Masters Agility Preferred) title in Washingtonville on March 18.  (Picture on Right.)

From Laura Leonard:  On March 25, Mimi earned a Q in Games at B&D Creekside. This was the fifth and final Q needed for her Teacup Games 3 title. Way to go, Mimi!

From Debbie Aheimer: Blaze and Jackson made their AKC Novice jumper debut in March.  Blaze got second place and Jackson got third place in 12 inch JWW on Saturday at the show in Edinboro.  On Sunday Jackson got second place. Blaze had a very good run but unfortunately knocked a bar down on the next to the last jump.  I'm very proud of both my boyz!  (Picture on Left.)

From Caroline Chapman:  TDI informed me a few days ago that I will be getting Peaches' GOLD award from TDI. It should arrive in about a week.  Also Lovey just finished her 350 visits, and will be getting her award for TDIEVA. Sara is working on her first 50 visits TDIAOV.

From Tom and Phyllis Bandi on Tiffany and Amber Star:  The weekend of February 25th and 26th in Washingtonville, Ohio, Tiffany had 6 qualifying scores and earned her TACH 2 Title. Amber only had 2 Q's for the weekend and that was good for our little one.  Then on Sunday, March 25th at B & D Creekside Activities Center in Latrobe, Amber surprised us with a wonderful day of excitement. Amber Star had 4 runs with 4 qualifying scores and 4 first place ribbons. She earned her TAM (Teacup Agility Master) title, her TMAG 2 (Teacup Master Agility Games) title, and her TACH (Teacup Agile Champion) title.  Tiffany had 3 runs and 3 qualifying scores with 1 second place and 2 third place ribbons. She earned her TAM 3 (Teacup Agility Master) title.  We love our Yorkies and they have accomplished more than we ever expected with a perfect day.  We would like to thank Dee Farrell for all her help and support and for being such a wonderful friend. (Pictures Below.)



From Stephanie Barber:  Lily Rose (CH Tartanside Play for Keeps ex Tartanside Bryanna) obtained two legs in Novice A at the Cleveland All-Breed Training Club, Inc., with a 2nd place on Saturday March 10 and a 2nd place on Sunday, March 11, 2012. ALSO:  I have some really good news. We just returned from our Collie Club of America Nationals in Valley Forge/Philadelphia area and my collies received the following titles and qualifiers:  Lily Rose received her CD title w/second place both days.  And, Lily also obtained her first leg in Rally Advanced.  Brooks received two legs in Rally Novice B.  It was a really great week at the Nationals and happy to meet w/both old friends and make new friends.

From Paula Shimko:  I just wanted to share Mika’s Open titles in both Standard and JJW agility. She got both titles the same day at the Westmoreland trial in Latrobe. I was so proud of my girl she scored 95 in JJW and a 100 in Standard. Even though I threw a ton of rear crosses at her she still was able to fly. I think it really surprised her as well as me. I’m very proud of my little spitfire! Thank you Mika for being so much fun to run.  (Picture on Right.)

From Elaine Kelvington:  Saturday. Feb. 25, at the COSSA (Central Ohio Shetland Sheepdog Association) Specialty Show, Sharisse was Winner's Bitch for a 4 point major. Sharisse's points were all breeder/owner/handled and I am so excited to say that this finished her conformation Championship!  Sharisse aka CH Kelvington's Dancing 'N Moonlite is out of Chet aka CH Kelbren Blue Flame CD RN NAJ AJP (who was owned by Lynn Uram) and Sony aka CH Kelvington's Elec Tri Fying. This makes Champion number 2 for Sony. She has 3 other offspring with points as well. (one with major points.)

From Elaine Kelvington:  After 8 weeks off from agility (I slipped on ice, wrenched my knee and have been doing therapy) Sawyer and I went to the Butler agility trials @ Edinboro, on Friday March 9 and Sat. March 10th. We qualified on Friday in jwws; but taking one extra jump NQ'ed us in standard. Today we earned our 5th QQ and got a total of 15 mach points. Sawyer was amazing he ran so fast that I was having difficulty keeping up to him. I just wasn't expecting it! I only entered us for the two days as I wanted to see how my knee would hold up, of course now, I wish we were entered on Sunday, too.!

From Lucy McCloskey – Sonny Titles Again:  Sonny and I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to participate in an AKC Rally trial on March 10th and 11th. Sonny only needed one more double Q to earn his Rally AE Title. He walked into the ring Saturday morning with all the confidence a dog could have had, and he was triumphant. He now has the highest titles in APDT Rally and AKC Rally.  He continues to enjoy life and I am sure that he wonders what he will be doing next.

From Lucy McCloskey:  Friday, April 6, 2012 Sonny and I traveled to Youngstown, OH, to participate in AKC Rally trials. It was fun and there was a good showing of KCTC people at the trial. Although Sonny had already earned his Rally AE Title, we wanted to continue showing in this venue, especially since AKC added and/or changed a lot of the rally signs.  Sonny earned perfect scores (100) in the Excellent and the Advance Trials. But what we were surprised and very happy about was the fact that he also earned High Combined in Rally. What a wonderful time for Sonny and me.  (Picture on Left)





March 2011




Once again my Golden Retriever therapy dog, Heidi, and I were called to service as speakers for Bethany Hospice. Each spring and fall we speak at the Community College South about our knowledge and experiences of hospice volunteering with the hope of recruiting volunteers for pet hospice work. We have many stories to tell about the good that therapy dogs do to calm the patient and to make them smile with happiness as they pet the soft coat of a friendly, obedient and calm dog. There was much interest from the students in attendance shown by all of the smiles and questions that they asked of us. At the conclusion of the class and interaction, we were invited to eat lunch with the group. The representative of Bethany Hospice gave such a compliment to Heidi stating that she knew from past experience that Heidi was very good around food -- not demanding a share -- but sitting or lying down while the people ate. I was so proud to hear that compliment and Heidi proved it to be true. (Pictures on Right)


My Australian Shepherd, Colby, also does hospice therapy with Heidi. We three visit eight nursing homes, five of which have hospice patients at this time. We also visit private homes on request. To receive a request for home therapy dog visits is always a good visit because you definitely know that the patient loves dogs. With that love we are assured that our visit will be appreciated and the patient will have a good medical and mental stimulation for as long as they want to visit with us. I can see when they are tiring and we excuse ourselves and leave them to rest.


Hospice pet therapy is very rewarding to all involved. There is a great need for volunteers, so maybe you TDI handlers and your wonderful dogs would like to have your hearts fill with the knowledge that you have contributed such happiness to those people in their last stages of life The patient and their family members will thank you for providing such a loving act of kindness. This, to me, is the ultimate praise and reward knowing that another job was WELL DONE, by Heidi and Colby.


Heidi; 500 TDI visits

Colby; 225 TDI visits


From Emil and Barbara Pohodich:  On February 11th and 12th, 2012 at the Splash 'N Dash K9 Sports Teacup Agility Trial - Sadie placed 1st in seven runs and received her Superior Teacup Agility Title.  At the same trial, Lexi received two 1st places, three 2nd places, and one 3rd place.  February 25th, 2012 at the B & D Creekside AKC Agility Trial, Sadie placed 1st in "Fast", and also placed 1st in "Jumpers and Weaves".  At the same trial, Lexi received two legs in Excellent B "Jumpers and Weaves".  We are very proud of their accomplishments.


From Lucy McCloskey:  ‘Sonny Gets National Recognition’ The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has posted the National Rankings of the Top 20 Rally Dogs Overall for 2011.Hamilton’s Mystic Lord of the Dance – aka Sonny -- was ranked 4th in the nation.


Sonny was also ranked 4th in the APDT Rally Master Champion (ARCHMX) National Rankings by Title Category for 2011.


I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend and companion in Sonny.

From Joanne Schreiber:  Skye Schreiber earned her Teacup Intermediate Agility Dog title at Splash and Dash in February. She also earned her first Q in Games 3. Later in February, she earned two Qs at Washingtonville, her second one in Games 3 and her first one in Teacup Superior.

Keystone Nosework Students

Doree Donovan with Faith, Lynda Kuzbel with Logan and Amy Wustin with Belle


On February 25, Keystone Canine Club “Nosework” students had three team members that went down to Falling Waters West Virginia for an ORT (Odor Recognition Test) that you have to pass before you can compete.


All three team members: Doree Donovan with Faith, Lynda Kuzbel with Logan and Amy Wustin with Belle all passed both the Birch and Anise scent tests.


We look forward to representing the Keystone Canine Club and competing in this sport of K9 Nosework.


From Pam Lewis:  Crystal earned her RAE Rally Obedience title at the Detroit Kennel Club trial on March 4. I am very proud of my wonderful and versatile companion! She now has high-level titles in Rally, Agility, and TDI.



Tom Bandi and Amber Star received the Teacup Master Agility Games (TMAG) title

from TDAA Judge Gale Wise at Keystone Canine Training Club on October 9, 2011.


January 2011


From Dee Farrell: On December 10, 2011, at Splash ‘n Dash’s CPE trial at B&D Creek side Activity Center, Pixie earned a Q in Level 2 FullHouse (1st place) and her first Q in Level 3, a 2nd place in Colors.


Also, Pixie earned her last Q of 2011 and her first Q of 2012 at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center’s CPE trial. On December 31, 2011, Pixie earned a Q in Level 2 Jackpot. On January 1, 2012, Pixie earned a Q in Level 3 Snooker (2nd place) with 36 points!


From Paul Shimko:  Shane, Mika and I traveled to The Crown Classic in Cleveland leaving at 4:00 in the morning, (that won’t happen again) and arriving just in time for Rally walk throughs. Shane QQ gained two legs towards his RAE title and placed 3rd the first day. He would have had three legs, but Mister Spooky decided he would practice an avoidance technique, in the Advance portion the second day, causing me to miss a sign due to heart pounding. Not one of my better performances. After each Rally run I had to run 10 miles for Mika’s agility walk thrus. She QQ the first day with blue ribbon placement in both runs. All in all she won 3 blue ribbons for the weekend. We hope to title in Open in February if we can keep those bars up. We are working hard towards that goal. (Picture on right)


From Elaine Kelvington: Sawyer aka CH Kelvington's Talisman CDX RE MX MXJ XF HT VCX TDI CGC completed his Excellent Fast title yesterday, December 30, 2011 at the Golden Retriever Club of Columbus, OH all breed AKC agility trial.


From Mitzie Lever:  This adorable puppy is a Burmese Mountain dog named Sophie.  She is the newest addition to my niece, Khristine’s family of kitties.  She has two full-grown cats and they are all getting along! So I guess that makes Sophie my newest and only Great Niece!  Doesn’t it make you want to get a puppy??!! (Picture on left).


From Bonnie McKeown:

My boys, Aiden and Ian, are on Euro Dog Designs as models for a dog overall.

Check out my boys on the SPECIFIC at website:  http://www.eurodogdesigns.com .  This overall is great for use on Therapy dogs to keep them clean for a visit.